A man and a woman at a university in Shandong province lost his pants during a race

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“Old Wang opened a video number!?Yesterday, Lao Wang saw a piece of news and couldn’t live laughing.Video point below.As news, I read the following date last October.This is a real event that happened in Shandong Agricultural University.On the day of physical education, the teacher in order to inspire girls, let them run faster, in the body test to achieve better results, came up with a “trick” – let boys and girls to run.Generally speaking, men run faster than women in college, and our boy didn’t disappoint.After the whistle, the boy started to run to the finish line, far ahead of his female classmates, almost to the finish line, suddenly had an accident — his pants suddenly fell down.With a strong desire to win, the boy opened his fire, but he forgot that he was wearing ordinary trousers with buttons that day.This kind of pants, although usually wear no problem, but if it is to do a large movement, too hard, the button is easy to collapse, the result is the pants before reaching the end of the natural fall, boys are also decisive “social death”.At this moment, witnessed the whole process of the students burst into laughter, and the boy running with the girl is laughing squat on the ground.In the face of this scene, everyone could not control themselves, covering their bellies and laughing.After the boy walked off the track, some students couldn’t help but sneer: “Others lose their chain when it’s crucial, but you are different from others. You lose your pants when it’s crucial.”However, the lucky thing is that one of the boys was wearing a pair of shorts, which also avoided a more embarrassing scene and a bigger “social death”.Running pants, summer generally everyone is wearing sports shorts, should no one wear a skirt to run?Autumn winter trousers, Lao Wang will recommend tight-fitting trousers more commonly.Compared with the traditional loose pants, leggings do have unique advantages in running.I also wear leggings when I run in the fall and winter because they have several benefits (and a similar function) : 1. Warmth:Leggings are skin-tight, so they don’t go for a ride or draw air from the inside of the leg. They provide basic warmth on cold or windy days, and if you don’t think a pair of leggings is warm enough, you can add a pair of baggy sweatpants over it.2, light and close-fitting: because the tights are completely close-fitting, they can be free of burden in running.But when wearing a pair of leggings alone, the curve of the whole lower body is exposed, the style will be more stylish, the head will be higher on the street, which is why the “Running Man” stars have to wear a pair of shorts outside.3. Quick drying and sweat drainage: The leggings are generally made of elastic quick-drying fabric, so the sweat permeability and permeability are also excellent. In winter, the sweat will be dried on the surface of the fabric, and the fabric also plays the role of an isolation layer, so as to prevent the sweat from being dried by the cold wind and taking away the heat from the body surface.Therefore, it can play a role in regulating body temperature in sports, and can also replace “long Johns” as a warm layer in sports.There are also compression pants that are similar in appearance but cost much more.As the name suggests, it can provide the higher pressure than the leggings, so besides capris have these basic functions, it will be better than the leggings (also similar compression garment) add the following function: 1, adequate oxygen: compression equipment appropriate pressure in different parts of the body, can promote haemal circulation, improve muscle oxygen.Helps improve muscle stability, increases strength, reduces muscle fatigue and reduces the risk of injury.2. Muscle support: The extra pressure provided by compression equipment can wrap and support the key movement muscles, which helps to reduce muscle vibration and make the movement more efficient and smooth.Brands like CWX also have bracing strips at the joints to provide additional protection.3, body recovery: compression equipment can increase muscle vitality, accelerate the discharge of body metabolites in muscles, reduce lactic acid accumulation, promote the body to recover in a short time.Therefore, foreign athletes often wear compression equipment to help their bodies recover after the race.Wearing high compression compression clothing and compression pants will bring performance improvement, play a role of icing on the cake.I don’t think compression gear is necessary for normal fitness runs.For high-intensity endurance training, get an outfit.Finally, one more controversial point: should we wear underwear under leggings?Lao Wang thinks that it depends on personal habits. Some people are used to wearing it and some are not. However, if you wear crotch during running, I suggest you wear a pair of sports underwear.When cleaning, had better add a little laundry liquid with warm water, ventilated air is dry, avoid by all means direct insolation of sunshine.Now there are many local compression equipment, such as compression calf cover, compression thigh cover, compression full leg cover, compression socks, compression arm guard and so on, its basic function and compression clothing, compression pants are the same.You can choose according to your needs.In the final analysis, running is a sport with a very low threshold, but it is still necessary to prepare some special running equipment, not only to avoid sports injuries, but also to run more comfortable, but also to stimulate runners’ interest in sports, the pleasure of buying running equipment can also increase the fun of running life.Today’s talk here, the original is not easy, please feel free to point a like, can forward it would be better.Author: Lao Wang, chief editor of running Guide, Bigo First Class running coach certification, AHA certified international First Aid worker.It has published books with the same title “Running Guide” and “Running Shoe Guide”.The running guide advocates scientific and healthy exercise and lifestyle, and delivers positive energy to people who love life.B station: Lao Wang lai is hot next door.