The first issue of MO Magazine, a digital Magazine from the meta-universe, is about mantavos

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On February 9th, Xuxu Watson and Ali Mom business marketing center jointly planned and launched the new digital publication MOMagazine.In less than two days since its launch, more than 400,000 users have “read” the digital Magazine, and 88% of them were rewarded with mantavoss tickets, an interactive experience Easter egg given away by MO Magazine.The theme of MO Magazine’s first issue, “Mantavos,” is transliterated from “Metaverse,” or “the meta-universe.”Initial invitation jingboran and digital AYAYI founded cover story and theme, background story creation by youth science fiction writer wang man and world view and set up, and invited artists LiuDi main scene image creation, alien civilizations in the universe to record the museum as the main line, to construct “manta voss” this new world view.When the “Metaverse” could not be clearly described for the time being, MO Magazine took the lead in giving it a “name”. Through MO Magazine, every step of “Metaverse” in China was understood and viewed in a richer and more critical way.MO Magazine first issue: AYAYI Mantaworth double cover MO, Meta Origin, from more homonymous, meaning that through digital magazines can get more content innovation experience.Different from existing digital magazines on the market, each issue of MO Magazine will be thematic, providing readers in the Chinese-speaking world with an intellectual platform for continuous self-renewal, iteration and evolution.MO Magazine takes the meta-universe as its content medium, abandons the one-dimensional logic of number theory, takes culture as its responsibility, and focuses on the core trends in fashion, business, art, technology and other fields, and illustrates the cultural motivations and value construction behind them in a thought-provoking way.In MO Magazine, readers will experience a complete set of content based on ordered fluctuations in the digital medium.It bears such a mission: to turn the abstract perception of the current meta-universe into an “encyclopedia” belonging to tomorrow, and output a humanistic concern loyal to civilization, self and morality.Xuxusheng All Media Group (its publishing matrix has 9 international content products, including T Chinese version and Wallpaper*) jointly launched MO Magazine with Ali Mom, which has irreplaceable leadership. This is not only an unconventional media cooperation.But also in the face of the universe or slowly unfolding panorama, Xuxu Watson and Ali’s mother must respond.”Times are changing,” says Feng Chuxuan, founder and editor-in-chief of Xuxu Huasheng Media Group.China is changing.China’s media landscape and commercial expression are also changing.These changes urgently need a humanistic expression, so that we can better understand and reflect on what kind of world we live in.MO Magazine, a media brand co-founded by Xuxu Watson and Ali’s mother, is committed to providing high-quality cultural and business coverage to readers, users, brands and links in the Chinese-speaking world.”Xuxu Watson and Ali Mom Business Marketing Center jointly plan to launch a new digital publication MOMagazine. Su Yu, General Manager of Ali Mom Business Marketing Center, also expressed his expectation for this new digital media:”Looking to the future, and standing on top of a digital platform with a gene for innovation, we are happy to see that The metasurverse will greatly expand the boundaries of content delivery. This is the market opportunity that we and Xuhua started with MO Magazine.As a brand marketing innovator relying on Ali Mom and growing up on Taobao, Tmall and other Ali digital platforms, we know that in every era, brands need to establish a new communication language system with consumers.We believe that MO Magazine will be an active contributor to this process, opening up a new space for connecting consumers, brands and content creators.”In the eyes of Ali’s mother, the brand holds long-term value and must have universal values and everlasting vitality.The brand power to highlight the long-term doctrine, can keep pace with The Times, and constantly fully show through the new form, this is Ali mother has been committed to exploring the way of sustainable management with brand customers, not only is the temporary success of business resort to business, but also adhere to the long-term value of brand power as the main axis.Back to the content, back to the content itself.Xuxuhua and Alimu business marketing center will not stop at content creation itself, but also hope to build a public platform for sustainable dialogue, communication and interaction with respect to professional content creators.In the first issue of the digital publication, we can see the participation of different co-creators in different content and thematic sections.For example, Burberry Space was created to explore the commercial consumption of the meta-universe;In our alien Space based on Yunnan, we also record the sustainable human stories that have happened in Yunnan, as well as the brand practices and participation of Fresh Flores, Giorgio Armani, Guerlain and CLARINS.The NFT topic records that Burberry and Tmall jointly released digital NFT collection “Digital Genie”.In the future, MO Magazine will also open more brand builders to join and explore a new symbiotic model that can nourish and feed the content industry.Huasheng Media (a member of Huasheng Culture Group) is a leading lifestyle Media platform and content provider in China. Huasheng has the highest quality publishing matrix and the most accurate community matrix in the industry.And a platform that integrates video, integrated marketing, case planning and distribution channels.Xuxuwatson’s publishing Matrix has 9 global top media brands, including T Chinese edition and Wallpaper*, and has the planning and marketing capabilities of book publishing.At the same time, Xuxuwatson’s community matrix has been recognized as the leader in the industry, covering many vertical fields such as college students and campus clubs, designers, business people and children.To date, Xuxu Watson has provided more than 1,000 brand marketing strategies and creative communication services for more than 350 enterprises around the world, as well as outstanding creative, cultural, commercial, entertainment and lifestyle projects in 81 cities or regions.About ali mother business marketing center around brand business in tao is based on whole life cycle of products, consumers two-wheel driven “panoramic management” core appeal and methodology, ali mother business marketing center will be at the front desk set up around the new product, detonation products, category, localization, brand new and mature brand can realize panoramic matrix management commercial marketing,The construction of marketing product capacity and growth index system, through marketing innovation to accelerate the promotion of business innovation, continue to rely on Amoy, to help brand businesses to consolidate fine operators, goods, field at the same time, actively explore innovative incremental market,Help brand merchants to realize the digital goals of goods, consumers, scenes, services, organizations, supply chains and other panoramic business unit modules that can be greatly improved in Ali.