Big Paris introduces this person to add disaster, distrust team egg big brand to leave team, Nasser regrets unceasingly

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Greater Paris star Sergio Ramos will not be in Paris for the first leg of their Uefa Champions League tie against Real Madrid, according to multiple reports.He is the only player in the entire Greater Paris squad who has been sidelined through injury.The French giants’ defence is already weak and the absence of Ramos has not only affected the strength of the defence, but also the absence of the powerful knife defender has made the greater Paris lack some miracle possibilities.Since ramos joined the Greater Paris, injury has become his main theme.One of the reasons he has played only 438 minutes since his first game on January 14, 2021.Having spent most of his time on injury after joining the French giants on a decent salary has not only made the greater Paris management dissatisfied with Ramos, but also made the fans begin to doubt whether ramos really plays for the club.After the draw for the Champions League, Ramos has repeatedly said that he is not willing to meet Real Madrid on the field, which also makes the greater Paris up and down unhappy.According to Spanish media ABC, the main reason ramos struggled to recover from an old injury in Greater Paris was that he did not trust the club’s physiotherapist.The former Real Madrid captain is acutely uncomfortable with the conditions in Greater Paris and does not trust anyone appointed by the club to help him recover from injury.However, ramos’s popularity in the Greater Paris dressing room has not been affected, due to the number of former Real Madrid players in the squad, ramos still has a certain influence in the dressing room.Ramos is also on good terms with Mbappe, according to recent photos of the party posted on social media.Messi and Neymar did not attend Mbappe’s 23rd birthday party, but new signing Sergio Ramos came to support him.According to the Spanish press, Mbappe’s willingness to get close to Ramos, wanting to hear from him about real Madrid, has brought them closer.Ramos has no complaints against real Madrid, despite complaints from president florentino, but he misses his time in Madrid.Ramos passed on the same sentiment to Mbappe, thus reinforcing the latter’s desire to move to Real Madrid.Nasser and Leonardo may have regretted bringing in Sergio ramos last summer by spending big money on a veteran with a long-term injury and encouraging some of their biggest names to leave.