Are disabled old people, long-lived old people with diseases, a Blessing or a curse for Families?

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A long and healthy life is the long-cherished wish of everyone.Disease-ridden, disabled, incapacitated longevity of the elderly, such a situation to support longevity, for such a family is endless, there are bitter helpless sour and difficulties.Raising children for old age is China’s life extension pension preaching.He who eats corn without illness.When this kind of misfortune falls on the family, the children are duty-bound from the traditional moral, as well as the legal responsibility to take care of the elderly.Disability pension, illness pension is an unspeakable burden and misfortune for a family.In life, there are many families with this kind of situation. Although rich people encounter this kind of situation, their ideological entanglements cannot be solved, in reality, money can help them solve a series of troubles in taking care of the elderly.For struggling families, that’s when it comes.There are many families in this situation.In an ordinary family with an old family and a young family, it is undoubtedly worse for the family to meet the old man who is incapable of living in the family.On the one hand, taking care of the elderly is a bounden duty, while raising children, car loans and mortgage have added endless pressure and burden to the supporters.I just get through the day in a muddle.I have a friend, a family of five sisters, whose father had become a vegetative state years ago, relying on nutrient solution and a ventilator to keep his heart beating.For the sake of honor and morality, asked for nursing personnel, a few sisters on duty in turn, for many years a few sisters in the economy and spirit are under endless pressure.More than 80 years old people are still struggling to survive, in the hospital long-term package ward treatment.There is also a kind of extremely poor family, once encounter situation, high medical expenses not only make bankrupt, and the family is destroyed.Government subsidies for intensive care for incurable diseases are a drop in the bucket.Poor families and the elderly are not alone.China has no euthanasia laws and regulations, there are many terminally ill people who want to take their own lives, but violate the law and morality of kidnapping gossip, still walking in poverty pantuo road, difficult to live.The disabled elderly in the strict sense and the so-called long-lived elderly with disabilities are indeed a curse rather than a blessing to their families, and the collapse and helplessness of their children are inevitable.The problem of aging in China is becoming more and more serious, and there are more and more families of disabled old people and long-lived old people with diseases.This is an unavoidable practical problem, how to solve this problem, but also the country must face urgent practical problem.