4 message!Liaoning signed training division, noble back CBA, playoff rules, fans meet Li Chunjiang

2022-06-04 0 By

According to today’s news, liaoning will sign a trainer, this man is Wallace.Wallace has been playing in the Chinese basketball Association (CBA) for a long time, including last season with North Control.Wallace, of course, was signed because of a coaching staff shortage.Even in yesterday’s photo, Wallace appeared in the family photo, see how this improves the players like Fogg, Zhao Jiwei, Guo Allen, Yan Dianqi, after all, he is good at coaching the defensive line players.The noble is completely cool.The current status of noble no longer exists in the CBA, and he has given up the CBA.And then of course there will be a three-man basketball league, and then there will be nobility in this league.But ultimately how to play or to see their own noble strength.Now that threesomes basketball has finished its first transition season, Noble will choose to join a team and prepare for the next games.Meanwhile, according to the current information, the division rules for the playoffs have been announced.CBA officials said the playoffs will be held in a neutral city, meaning there may not be a playoff team in that city.However, the recovery of home and away, or to see the epidemic, estimated that it is impossible.It is worth mentioning that the competition is usually held in second-tier cities to avoid the possibility of the epidemic interfering with the competition.The last one is about Li Chunjiang.Some fans met Li chunjiang and Huijun on the subway, but they didn’t dare to take photos.I didn’t dare to ask Lao Li for his autograph. I don’t know if I have a good temper.In fact, this season Li Chunjiang overall temper compared to the previous slide many.In the elevator, Li kept his head down and played with his mobile phone, keeping a low profile.It is worth mentioning that Shanghai has officially started training yesterday.