Zhou Naixiang visited Binzhou and visited the frontline workers

2022-06-03 0 By

On the morning of January 30th, Zhou Naixiang, deputy Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee and governor of Binzhou, visited the police, sanitation workers, power supply and heat supply workers who were on the frontline of the work to investigate the operation of industrial economy, market supply and price stability, power and heat supply.On behalf of the provincial party Committee and the provincial government, I extend my New Year greetings and sincere greetings to you.He stressed that must further implement the general secretary xi important instructions for the work of shandong, firm practice centered on people’s thought, the development of epidemic prevention and control and the economic and social development as a whole, the solid research during the Spring Festival, all work to create a good environment, to ensure the people live a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Zhou Naixiang lightweight base to the weiqiao pioneering group, inc. Of bohai sea piston, in-depth workshop, research industrial operation, industrial supporting, holiday arrange production schedule, etc., encourage enterprises to study, intensive cultivation, further increase investment in r&d, spin industry chain, improve the industrial supporting and continuously enhance the core competitiveness.He stressed the need to unswervingly replace old drivers of growth with new ones, pursue innovation-driven development, step up energy conservation and emissions reduction, speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and promote green, low-carbon and high-quality development.We will step up efforts to expand markets, strengthen the guarantee of factors of production, and strive to make the industrial economy open steadily and get off to a good start.We should care for the front-line employees who insist on festive production, and properly arrange meals and rest shifts during the Spring Festival, so that employees can have more sense of gain, happiness and security in the development of the enterprise.Zhou Naixiang visited dudian power Supply Office of Binzhou Power Supply Company of State Grid and the Fifth Business Hall of Binzhou Heat Customer Service to investigate the guarantee situation of power and heat supply and visit the staff of the business hall and those on duty for emergency repair.He said, electricity, heat and people’s lives are closely related, we should always put the people’s cold and warm in mind, pay close attention to weather changes, timely daily maintenance, pipeline line repair and other work, to ensure the safety of power supply and heat during the Spring Festival.At the Yellow River store in the Ginza mall, he inspected the supply and price changes of rice, flour, grain, oil, meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables, communicated with customers warmly and extended his New Year greetings to them.He called for better coordination between production and marketing, smooth procurement and transportation, abundant market supply, and effective efforts to ensure supply and price stability of grain, oil, meat, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables and other important commodities to meet people’s diverse consumption needs.Zhou also came to the Yellow River eight road Bohai 18 road intersection, Yellow River five road sanitation cleaning section, visited the police on duty, sanitation workers.He said that the more the Festival comes, the more arduous the task becomes for everyone. He hoped that everyone would stick to their posts and fulfill their duties, take care of their health and safety, and create a peaceful, clean and orderly holiday environment for the people.