Urumqi spring is coming, these people’s livelihood events are closely related to everyone, first see

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In February, the land of Xinjiang is pregnant with new hope and vitality, and Urumqi has ushered in a new era of great expectations. Walking on the streets of Urumqi, you can feel happiness and bright sunshine everywhere. It is not that, recently, these major livelihood events have come, closely related to everyone’s life.One is the new black gold just bus on March 1 began to line, urumqi streets will be more than a beautiful beautiful scenery line, this kind of bus science fiction, modern, grade, comfortable and convenient, urumqi introduced 180 such new black gold just bus, the first dozens have arrived in Urumqi.Second, epidemic prevention and control has become more scientific and efficient. In the process of normalizing epidemic prevention and control, people’s livelihood will be better protected. For example, recently, Urumqi began to allow weddings in an orderly manner, which has brought joy to newlyweds, wedding halls and wedding companies.Third, the OPENING of the BRT conservatory, passengers can finally have a warm space to wait for the train, and do not have to suffer cold on the platform.Fourth, citizens’ entertainment activities are becoming more and more colorful. “24-hour city” has returned to the life of citizens in the capital. Shopping malls and parks are open all night, and recently the joy world located in Hongguang Mountain will be built.Fifth, “Police station +” appeared more widely in the streets and alleys of Urumqi. The police station highlighted the warm concept of “service”. Toilets were opened free of charge in all police stations, and some of them were upgraded to convenience stores, which were well received by residents in the capital.These changes are just an epitome of urumqi’s great strides and high-quality development. I believe that in the future, Urumqi still has more good news waiting for us.