The rate of green land in urban built-up areas in Jiangxi is in the forefront of the country

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Jian was rated as the “most ecological competitive city”, Ganzhou and Shangrao won China’s top ten “Favorite City” and “Beautiful city”……In 2021, the province will further promote the comprehensive improvement of urban and rural environment, implement more than 6,000 projects to improve the quality of urban functions, renovate and renovate more than 10,000 old residential areas and villages in the city, and maintain the green land rate of urban built-up areas in the forefront of the country.This year, our province proposed to carry out ecological civilization pilot demonstration, carry out household waste classification system, carry out green construction extensively, support Nanchang, Ganzhou, Shangrao to build green travel cities.Over the past year, The province has advocated a new trend of green and low-carbon life, accelerated the construction of ecological civilization and the sharing of ecological achievements, and continuously improved the people’s sense of ecological gain and happiness.In terms of building beautiful urban and rural areas, it has promoted comprehensive improvement of urban and rural environments, carried out more than 6,000 projects to improve the quality of urban functions, renovated and renovated over 10,000 old residential areas and villages in the city, and maintained the green land rate of urban built-up areas at the top of the country.Jian was rated as the “most ecological competitive city” in China, ganzhou and Shangrao respectively won the top ten “Favorite City” and “Beautiful City” in China.A total of 1.39 billion yuan in subsidies was allocated to renovate 10,000 village groups, and 94.1 percent of rural residents had access to sanitary toilets.In terms of sharing the ecological dividend, our province has further promoted the provincial construction of the national comprehensive ecological compensation pilot project. In the case of poor financial resources, our province has continued to increase the investment in ecological environmental protection. We have carried out ecological compensation for the whole basin for six consecutive years, allocating a total of 21.09 billion yuan of basin compensation funds, and actively promoted the third round of inter-provincial compensation for Dongjiang River Basin.The province’s public welfare forest compensation area reached 51 million mu, hired 24,000 ecological forest rangers, arranged compensation funds of 240 million yuan.In create a green home, our province successfully held “the second international birding weeks of poyang lake” “jiangxi forest tourism festival 2021”, for two consecutive years to carry out the ecological civilization awareness month activity, actively create a conservation-minded agencies, clean home, green community, continue to carry out the “xiaoqing river” volunteer activities, “green treasure carbon sink” platform and running.Six units have been granted the title of national water efficiency leader, one national “Two Mountains” practice and innovation base and four national ecological civilization demonstration cities and counties have been added, ranking among the top in the country in total.This year, the province will strengthen the publicity and education of ecological civilization, and continue to carry out publicity activities such as ecological civilization Publicity Month, Energy saving and carbon reduction Publicity Week, and World Environment Day.Vigorously to develop green low carbon civil action, in-depth to carry out the pilot demonstration of ecological civilization, universal life garbage classification system, carrying out green, create, create green travel support nanchang, ganzhou, shangrao city, perfect the system of ecological civilization volunteer service and condense the whole society to the powerful force of ecological civilization construction.Source:Jiangxi province plans to start 2051 major projects of more than 100 million yuan in the first quarter to connect the east and outer ring, the west and outer ring nanchang the 9th ganjiang bridge – Hongzhou bridge to start the detailed plan of the east extension of Donglian Road in Nanchang CountyFuture multi-junction planning span bridge