The 57-year-old aunt cried that she regretted living with three men only to find out their true faces

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Xie auntie divorced her husband many years ago, because of the harm she suffered in the marriage. This auntie had been alone for so many years. After retirement, she felt that life was too monotonous, and her idea gradually changed, and she wanted to find a companion.She met Lao Chen when she was dancing in a social dance. Lao Chen was humorous and often made Xie laugh. The two lived together soon, thinking this was the beginning of a new life, but unexpectedly it was the origin of a bitter life.Lao Chen has a gift of gab, but he never does any work. It would be impossible to get him to mop the floor.What is more excessive is the cost of living is xie Aunt to bear, people do not tolerate a cent.Xie Aunt saw through him, put forward a break up.Lao zhang that had the experience, the aunt to find his wife has become more cautious, don’t believe those unknown men, turn introduced Lao zhang and his old colleague, Lao zhang seems to belong to that kind of simple and honest honesty, pensions of more than 6000 per month, housework can do, I thought his wife to spend the rest of my life to find this time, have never thought finally collapsed.Lao Zhang will help Aunt Xie to do housework, but he is very stingy in money, every month, more than 6000 yuan of pension subsidies to his son, the two people’s living expenses are all by Aunt Xie, angry put forward to break up.After these two failures, zhou’s aunt was afraid to find a wife again. Later, a distant relative introduced him to a woman who promised to be a good man.I just saw Lao zhou, really very good feeling, the somebody else Lao zhou gentle, caring for people, two personal contact for a long time, decided together, just together of the time, the Lao zhou will do household chores, and will take the initiative to household, but time is long, Lao zhou, this money we must separate management, part of save, part of a cost of living.A look at the old zhou is very good at financial management, he gave the money to the old Zhou custody, who knows the old Zhou, people put their own money to save up.It’s all my aunt’s money. We’re breaking up in anger.The marriage of young people a lot of all because of love, but most of the elderly feelings without a word, it is said that talk about money hurt feelings, don’t talk about money hurt feelings, two people can not harmonious get along, the key lies in interests will not be able to balance, if you reach this balance, in the end, can only end up in a farewell.Share a story every day and be sure to follow [Yeah]