Poetry Creation “Escape”

2022-06-03 0 By

“Escape” article/cloud county meteor originally wanted to stick to it with you, but never think you want to give up halfway;Originally want to be together with you wind, snow, snow and moon, but never think you say that there can’t see the gorgeous romantic snowflake charming originally want to be together with you vertical the shape of the ridge ups and downs, go to bear brilliant and brilliant sunrise but never think you want to be deserter and go halfway…Don’t be afraid of youth flash waist good feed the dog a cavity blood flow youth is always live up to men tears don’t flick just not to the sad place, not afraid of power bow waist low and disdainful!Through a crack in the window I saw a ray of light that was so brilliant;So dazzling!So bright and warm!Like the overture of spring cleanse the heart!Gentle breeze and gentle rain!Ah!Maybe I did!I see it!That’s the way to the light!That is the final destination to escape the reason to forget affectionate snuggle!Attached: impromptu inspiration to attack, the author to the second person “man” Angle, write a manuscript!Overlooking and interpretation of today’s society, in luxury, material desire, under the social chaos) some emotions can not withstand scrutiny!Too many variables!Say change change) statement: the work is original!No handling and plagiarism!Offenders will be prosecuted!If the picture is violated, please contact the author to delete!