An 89-year-old man in Ningbo took a bus to the post office to mail a handwritten thank-you note

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The old man’s handwritten thank-you note “There’s a good man in our village…Last year, we gave sweaters to everyone over the age of 70. This year, we sent 10 kilograms of Northeast Rice and 1.8 kilograms of soybean oil.Recently, Rongmedia Center of Yinzhou District of Ningbo received a handwritten letter from Chen Zhiyi, an old man in Xincheng Village of Wuxiang township, expressing his gratitude to the people who care for the elderly in the village.Chen zhiyi, 89, was known in his village for his “good handwriting”, but later developed Parkinson’s disease, which made his hand shake when writing and made him seldom use his pen.”I was very excited when the ‘Big Good Man’ sent warmth to us elderly people for two years in a row.”Old man Chen wrote the letter with trembling handwriting, and dragged his old body to the post office by bus to send the letter.Chen Zhiyi shows the rice and oil he has received. “Everyone in the village over the age of 70 has received rice and oil, which is not a small sum of money.There are many people who run factories and become rich, but the ‘good people’ are caring and think about the elderly in xincheng Village. Such good people should be praised.”Chen Zhiyi said that his old age, the level of education is not high, can not vividly express his gratitude to him, hope to convey his gratitude to the caring people through the media.”It’s too small to be worth reporting,” the lover said.He said he just want to do a little thing silently, from the heart to express their own mind, do not want to be publicized.According to a village official, the man measured the size of the clothes according to the height and weight of more than 230 elderly people in the village last year, packed them up and sent them to the village, where the old people hailed warmth after receiving them.This year, more than 200 bags of rice and more than 200 bottles of oil were delivered to meet practical needs. Everyone was carrying “love goods” and happy smiles on their faces.”This caring person is from our village. After studying abroad, he came back to his hometown to start his own business. He started a garment factory from scratch.Fang Kind-hearted, secretary of the Party branch of Xincheng Village, said that such actions of filial piety and respect for the elderly show that entrepreneurs consciously assume social responsibilities, promote social positive energy, and bring more civilized new wind to the countryside.(Yin ring)