The error of “gossip” should not be repeated

2022-06-02 0 By

The case of a suzhou man who appeared alone in a hotel twice triggered an orgy of gossip on the Internet.According to a notice issued by suzhou’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters on Feb. 15, asymptomatic patient No. 2 went to a hotel alone on Feb. 8 and 11.Many netizens speculated that the infected person might be married and had an affair, based on details in the report, such as “driving herself to kindergarten.”All of a sudden, all kinds of voyeuristic gossip on social media platforms widely spread.At present, the infected person has not spoken publicly, but suzhou epidemic prevention and control headquarters responded that they have not heard of the spread of the epidemic due to adultery.The hotel also said the case did not enter the hotel room, but only picked up a friend there.It has long been accepted that openness is the best vaccine.However, frequent privacy disclosure in the process of collection and disclosure of trajectory data is worth vigilance.There have been rumors in some places before that the flow of information changed the taste of the lesson, it should not be repeated.As can be seen from the changes in the information released by many places in different periods, the standards and scales of privacy protection in various places have been constantly corrected in practice. “Only mentioning the track but not mentioning the person” has become a routine operation, which has become a big progress in balancing the public’s right to know and case privacy.Previously, the Shanghai Health Commission created a model for each region by not only hiding personal information, but also combining the same places of visit and downplaying the daily activities of patients.Released from suzhou to the track information as you can see, although local authorities are also trying to protect the privacy of patients, to the number of information such as gender, age, but unfortunately, when people company, home address and other information in a clear, detailed public daily schedule, still makes the flow adjustment inevitably become the others looked “pipeline”.Due to improper information disclosure, netizens prying into their privacy, or even imagining, human flesh and cyber violence, will hurt the parties concerned and may affect a large number of people. Some infected people may be afraid to report the information for fear of secondary harm to themselves and their families, thus laying hidden dangers for the epidemic prevention work.The publication of flow adjustment information should follow the principle of “least enough” and only accurately publish necessary information such as time and place. After all, for the public, knowing the time and place is enough to determine whether their tracks overlap.The information that infected people give away to fight the epidemic must be firmly safeguarded. This is not only for the parties concerned, but also for society, the overall battle plan, and the wider “we”.Source: Xinhua