Liaocheng Chiping District: More than 54 million yuan of funds will be saved by government procurement in 2021

2022-06-02 0 By

In 2021, Government procurement amount of Liaocheng Town Chiping District, Shandong Province is 12796480 million yuan, and the actual purchase amount is 122,5018,600 yuan, saving 54,629,400 yuan.Procurement accounted for 32.93 percent of general public budget expenditure.Chiping District Finance Bureau has deepened the reform of “decentralization and management and service” of government procurement, and reduced the contents of centralized procurement catalogue from 137 items to 35 items and granted more rights to purchasers strictly according to the relevant provisions of the streamlined “Shandong Province 2021 Centralized procurement Catalogue and Standard” (referred to as the centralized procurement catalogue).Statistics show that the decentralized procurement amount of government procurement in Chiping District is 10697452 million yuan, accounting for 87.32% of the procurement amount.Chiping District implements the function of government procurement policy, and the contract amount of small, medium and micro enterprises accounts for more than 90%.Statistics show that the total purchase amount awarded to small, medium and micro enterprises under government procurement contracts in Chiping District is 115,7947 million yuan, accounting for 93.9 percent of the government procurement scale.According to the specific requirements of optimizing business environment, chiping District has been resolutely banning all kinds of supplier libraries including candidate database, directory database and qualification database for participating in government procurement activities, and cleaning and rectifying 9 projects of 7 budget units in the district.In addition, chiping District Finance Bureau also actively carries out supervision, inspection and evaluation of government procurement agencies, focusing on 20 procurement projects with a contract amount of 62,527,900 yuan, and optimizing the business environment of government procurement by promoting norms with supervision and fairness with publicity.Jia Tao: This article is copyrighted by our newspaper. If you want to reprint or copy it, please indicate that it is from China Government Procurement News and the author, and keep the integrity of the article.Otherwise, legal liability will be investigated.(Source: China Government Procurement News)