Dubai Cup latest standings!China ranked fifth at the lowest, qualifying or fighting for third

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2022 Dubai Cup, as of March 26 evening, Beijing time, The Second round of The Chinese Olympic team ended.Compared to the first round, the Chinese Olympic team put in a better overall performance to beat Thailand 4-2.Chinese Olympic team 1 wins 1 losses to get 3 points, temporarily ranked third, theoretical lowest ranked fifth.Dubai Cup standings:Ranked teams wins, draws and defeats Goals conceded goal difference Points 1 Japan 220030362 Saudi Arabia 110020233 China 210143134 UAE 110010135 Croatia 210111036 Qatar 210112-137 Iraq 101000018 Vietnam 201101-119 UzbeChina 4-2 Thailand: The Overall performance of the Chinese Olympic team in this match was good, relatively smooth or three points, the confrontation looked to make the fans happy.In this tournament, The Chinese team is 1-1 in the first two rounds, collecting three points and a goal difference.According to the latest table situation, many teams have finished their second round, with China firmly ahead of Qatar, Croatia, Vietnam and Thailand.There are still two matches left in the second round and the ranking situation is not completely determined.Two of the four teams — Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan — should not be ranked higher than China, based on points and matchups.Therefore, the Ranking of The Chinese team can basically pressure 6 teams.Saudi Arabia currently has a goal difference of 2, lost in the last round and ranked above China, Saudi Arabia can only lose 1, and the number of goals Saudi Arabia has at least 2.Since this probability is relatively low, the Possibility of China team being lower than Saudi Arabia and Iraq at the same time is relatively small, so the Ranking of China team should not reach the fifth.The lowest theoretical ranking of The Chinese team is fifth, but the highest ranking is not in the top two.Because in the next match, one of Saudi Arabia and Iraq at least four points, ranking will be higher than China.This shows that China’s ranking is basically between the third and fourth, the third round of qualifying or with other teams for the third place.Qatar 0-2 Japan: Japan moved to the top of the table with six points from two wins from two matches, following their excellent performance in the first round.Overall situation, The Japanese team accumulated 6 points +3 goal difference, theoretically only Saudi Arabia and the UNITED Arab Emirates have a chance to surpass it, the Japanese team into the top two opportunities or relatively large;If Japan is pushed into third place by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, it is likely to face China in the next qualifying round.Croatia 1-0 Vietnam: Croatia lost in the first round and have three points in this round, ranking behind China on goal difference.Vietnam team first round 1 points, the current round of defeat after the temporary ranking in the bottom three.Iraq vs. Saudi Arabia;United Arab Emirates VS Uzbekistan;