Convenient nucleic acid sampling sites in Wuhou District, Chengdu, China, April 5, 2022

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The epidemic is spreading in many places, and the prevention and control situation is grim and complex.Nucleic acid testing is an effective means of precise prevention and control. It is the first line of defense to implement the “four early hours” requirement. It can detect the source of infection as early as possible and control the spread of the epidemic from the source.To better cope with the current epidemic situation to offer more convenient nucleic acid sampling service wuhou district for the convenience of the nucleic acid samples, in accordance with the principle of may inspection to check the queue for testing wuhou district for the convenience of the nucleic acid samples on April 5, 2022 (the only) released the following warm prompt vaccination will be coronavirus vaccine within 48 hours, if no special circumstances,Do not take nucleic acid test for the time being to avoid false positive nucleic acid test.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news source Wuhou released responsible editor He Qitie editor Wang Juan