Youth about predestination in Kunming | youth friendship activities cheng Gong WU Yue Plaza special activities

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Originally YOU are the lucky I most want to keep originally we and LOVE have been so close to the decision against the world for me that accompany me to rain scenes are YOU, spotless heart and YOU meet good luck……An unexpected love do you also look forward to MEETYOU fall in love at first sight for dating, watching friends wear what agony and listen in the ears of the elders talking daily company, home, supermarket line three point one I do not know from what time do YOU get used to a person happy or unhappy, only oneself know but YOU also look forward to have a person cheer for YOU when YOU lost when YOU are happy to share such joy each acacia hey when YOU lonely,Friends look here to join us in the wining and dining to harvest friendship, meet LOVE YOU activity information activity theme youth aboutDate: February 22, 2022 (Tuesday) 19:30-21:30 Venue: Atrium Square, Gate 3, Wuyue Square, Chenggong, KunmingOrganizing Unit Guiding Unit: Communist Youth League Kunming Municipal Committee Communist Youth League Kunming Chenggong District Committee Sponsor: Xincheng Holding Group Kunming Chenggong Wuyue Square Organizer:Youth operations center in kunming clouds youth service development center special hints this dating fellowship activities also specially invited psychological mentor “love” tutoring all the way, according to participants, dating to attribute personality, to further build the guests crowd psychology, accurate and effective help unmarried youth find appropriate objects.-END-