The sixth batch of system innovation results of Hubei Free Trade Zone came out and 18 pioneering results were promoted throughout the province

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A new batch of system innovation results of Hubei Free Trade Zone were replicated and promoted in hubei province.On February 13, according to the provincial government office issued the regarding China (hubei) free trade area 6 batch of pilot reform experience copy promotion notice, the free trade area of hubei province in 2021 18 pilot experience in copy in the province to promote institutional innovation, another 36 practice case, with the approval of the provincial government issued by the province to study for reference.It is reported that the sixth batch of 18 pilot reforms of The Hubei Free Trade Zone will be copied and promoted, and the pioneering rate of the whole country or the province is 100%. All of them have been tested in the free trade zone for at least half a year, and the reform results are obvious, the risk is controllable, and closely focus on industrial innovation and development to create a first-class business environment.This fully demonstrates the leading role of Hubei Free Trade Zone in promoting institution-based opening-up and building a high-level inland “new coastal area”.Among them, 12 experiences such as “one-certificate system for construction permits” and “whole-process agent for electric packaging of enterprises through project coding” have been replicated and promoted in the whole province; 4 experiences such as “One-click clearing of abnormal credit records” have been replicated and promoted in Hubei Free Trade Zone; “Electronic Labor contract” has been replicated and promoted in the “Yijingjingen” city group.”Innovation performance assessment to improve the market-oriented operation capacity of entrepreneurship and Innovation carriers” has been replicated and promoted in development zones and high-tech zones in the province.The 36 cases cover six major areas, including investment and trade facilitation, innovation-driven development, financial reform and innovation, industrial transformation and upgrading, transformation of government functions, and rule of law.It is understood that the first five batches of Hubei Free Trade Zone have been copied and promoted 199 institutional innovation achievements.In addition, 26 institutional innovations in Hubei Free Trade Zone have been replicated and promoted at the national level, leading the third batch of free trade zones.In 2021, hubei Free Trade Zone, the pilot field, will bear abundant fruits of institutional innovation again:Five hubei experiences were promoted nationwide, 18 pilot experiences were replicated and promoted in the province, and 36 practical cases were provided for the province to learn and reference.In the past five years since its establishment, 26 institutional innovation achievements of Hubei Free Trade Zone have been approved by The State Council and others to be promoted nationwide, and 253 achievements have been approved by the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government to be promoted in the province.One innovation is “released” every week 129, which is the number of the sixth batch of institutional innovation achievements of Hubei Free Trade Zone for the first time in 2021.After reviewing 129 system innovation achievements one by one and conducting field research and strict selection, 54 achievements were finally determined to be promoted to the whole province, accounting for only 40% of the total number of participants.”There are four important criteria: innovation, effectiveness, risk and operability.”The relevant person in charge of the provincial Free trade Office introduced that the 18 pilot experiences copied and promoted in the province are the first ones in the country or the province, and the reform results of 36 practice cases are leading in the province, and the free trade area has been tested for more than half a year, with obvious reform results and controllable risks.In the past five years, the Provincial Free Trade Office has conducted in-depth research on the needs of the area and market subjects, formulated the list of institutional innovation and the list of “small incision” demands, and planned the direction of innovation.To guide and promote the collaborative reform of the district and relevant departments to form innovative synergy;We coordinated efforts to solve difficult problems in the process of institutional innovation, and ensured the effectiveness of innovation. On average, one institutional innovation result was released every week.Innovation aimed at the “bull’s eye” there is no “target”, difficult to aim at the “bull’s eye”.In terms of system innovation, our province’s FREE trade zone not only adheres to the systematic thinking of overall planning, but also pays attention to the scientific thinking of “precise drip irrigation”.To facilitate the construction of a new double-cycle development pattern, Wuhan area carried out the reform of centralized processing trade, Xiangyang area innovated the business model of export customs clearance of new-made containers, Yichang Area introduced the “three first” measure of comprehensive protection zone, and Jingzhou Coordination Area adopted the “co-management at the source and full traceability” mode of supervision of exported egg products.Focusing on the innovation-driven development strategy, a series of achievements have been made, such as “strengthening the management of permanent residence services for Foreigners”, “Optimizing work permit services for Foreigners in China”, “Talent registration and Dynamic points System”, “Talent offshore Work Contact Station” and “new mode of talent factor return”. High-end talents are constantly gathering.Exploring the construction of a modern industrial system, Wuhan district seized the new opportunities of digital economy, focusing on ASEAN countries to expand the external circulation, digital economy has become a new force to promote the resumption of work and production, the “stabilizer” of economic revival;Xiangyang Area focuses on the advantageous industry of “one leader and six pillars”, creating the first public platform in Jianghan River Basin to mainly serve industrial enterprises and promote online sales of industrial products, attracting 1,448 enterprises to enter and releasing more than 1,500 kinds of products.To serve regional development layout, the Provincial Free Trade Office guided jingzhou Coordination Zone to carry out system innovation simultaneously for the first time, forming two practical cases and reporting them in the province;The reform of “electronic labor contract” explored in Yichang took the lead in the replication and promotion of “Yi Jingjing En” city group, and cooperated with 13 counties (urban areas) of 9 provinces (autonomous regions) in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Anhui, and 4 provinces and 5 places in Henan, Sichuan, Yunnan and Shaanxi free trade zones. 81 high-frequency issues were “handled across provinces”.Creating an optimal environment is the starting point of reform.Centering on the requirement of “building the free Trade Zone into the area with the best business environment” by the Provincial Party Committee, Hubei Free Trade Zone insists that service enterprises have temperature and speed to solve problems.Enterprise electricity reporting from “customers and electricity” to “electricity and other customers”, the whole “only run once”;For the change of natural person’s equity, “joint handling of matters before registration” has been reduced from 11 working days to half a day;233 projects were exempted from the “two funds”, saving 213 million yuan of enterprise funds;The “one-click clearing” of abnormal credit records helps market subjects get through the “last mile” of credit repair;Create “annual tax bill”, enterprises to achieve “single in hand” tax-related funds “trace back to the source”;Carry out the reform of “one certificate system” for construction permits, and apply for a “big certificate” for construction permits to construct a number of sub-projects;The “first loan Service Center” was set up to help 496 enterprises that had no credit relationship with banks to obtain loans of 1.161 billion yuan.The reform of “reconstruction of the three powers” in human and social affairs services was carried out, with 170 immediate affairs leading the province and 98 “hand-held affairs” leading the country.The provincial free trade Office said it would further focus on enterprises and people’s sense of gain, extend the influence of institutional innovation from the economic field to all aspects of society, and help Hubei become one of the regions with the best development environment, investment attraction, regional core competitiveness and the strongest soft power.(Xiao Liqiong ding Cheng-jian)