Tai ‘an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine bone injury Department (joint, sports medicine) held a quality and safety management group meeting

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On the afternoon of February 17, tai ‘an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine held the Quality and safety Management Group meeting of the Department in February 2022 in the doctor’s office on the eighth floor of Renhe Building. Zhang Kaigang, secretary of the Party Committee, president and director of the hospital’s Quality and safety Management Committee,Party committee member, deputy dean, the hospital quality and safety management committee, deputy director of the standing Xu Kun present meeting guidance, quality control department, medical quality management section head, brain surgery, thoracic surgery, such as quality control department member to attend the meeting, fractures, subject (joints, sports medicine) team members and related departments of quality and safety management staff 10 people to attend the meeting.Wang Zonghui, director of the First department of Bone injury (Joint and sports Medicine) and members of the quality and safety management team of the department made analysis and report respectively.First of all, the rectification and implementation of medical record writing and fire safety problems found in the inspection last month were notified.Then, combined with the self-inspection of the department this month, the problems found in the main quality and safety indicators of the department, the implementation of diagnosis and treatment plans and 18 core medical systems, epidemic prevention and control, nursing quality, adverse event reporting and other aspects were analyzed and discussed.Richard France in a case of drug analysis is not complete, superior doctors guidance treatment prescription and medication on record, in particular, are too simple, out-patient Chinese medicine yinpian utilization, outpatient low proportion of TCM prescription, production safety hidden trouble, responsibility to the people, pegged to the performance of the distribution, make continuous improvement measures, targeted rectification.The head of medical quality management department and quality control Department gave feedback and comments on the quality of medical records.Xu Kun, member of the Party Committee, vice president, standing deputy director of the hospital quality and safety Management Committee, made comments on the guidance of the department to further improve the medical records in the specialist examination is relatively simple and other problems, strengthen the application of appropriate technology of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine.Secretary of the party committee, dean, kai-gang zhang, director of the hospital quality and safety management committee highly recognition of the meeting content, he pointed out that fractures subject (joints, sports medicine) perfecting quality management organization, to find the problem, analysis, comprehensive, formulate corrective measures are specific, especially nursing ZhaBai problem is very clear,The practice of linking nursing quality, evaluation and performance assessment is worth learning from other departments.This year is the “grade A” review year, the department should attach great importance to the quality of medical records, especially the quality of the first page of medical records, start from the link of quality control, practice the basic skills of medical records writing, surgical records and so on.Choice of the primary diagnosis, elderly patients with hip replacement for examination and approval of major surgery, unscheduled reoperation, length of hospital stay in patients more than 30 days, type I incision antimicrobial application key problems, such as, to focus on, analysis, by strengthening the department management, strengthening the department performance secondary distribution, to improve the quality connotation,Promote the overall improvement of hospital quality and safety.(Correspondent Zhang Nan)