Little tea maker, my 3 year old grandson poured tea and had fun

2022-06-01 0 By

My little tea master!Today is February 6th, the sixth day of the year of the Tiger. My niece and son-in-law came to my home from Qingdao Chengyang to play. My husband took out the teapot and gave it to my niece and son-in-law to drink.My 3 year old grandson looked at the teapot as a toy, he poured tea for us, was very busy, and urged us to drink quickly, he was waiting for us to pour tea.Keep him busy, pour water for me, pour water for his grandfather, pour water for his uncle, pour water for the teapot!He can find a good toy, busy, I am really afraid he is hot, do not let him pour water is not good, really take him no way!Guys, do you have a baby of the same type?