Boxing No. 7 Middle School held a reading exchange and sharing activity for teachers in 2022 winter vacation

2022-06-01 0 By

In order to further improve the overall quality of teachers, build a learning team, enhance the cultural heritage of teachers, and create a good reading atmosphere, Boxing No. 7 Middle School launched the 2022 winter vacation teacher reading exchange and sharing activity on February 13.Sharing the teacher combined with reading and personal work, life, to share the exchange.They were full of spirit, natural and generous, sometimes impassioned, sometimes tactful and deep, pushing the activity to one climax after another, bringing the audience auditory enjoyment as well as spiritual baptism.At the meeting, teaching department responsible comrade conveyed the new semester reading activity plan.The principal Wang Shuxia made a summary of this activity, and made a theme report “Reading can change your life”, she with her own experience, let the teachers deeply feel the importance of reading for their own growth.I believe that under the impetus of this activity, teachers will fall in love with reading, make reading a habit, improve themselves in reading, and better serve education and teaching work.(Gai Xinli Li Yongjiang