52 students of the second phase of guizhou Medical Talents Plan Ruijin Class went to Shanghai to study

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On February 8th, 52 middle-aged and young backbone doctors of the second phase of “Guizhou Medical Talents Plan Shanghai Ruijin Class” went to Shanghai Ruijin Hospital for training and study for half a year.Earlier, the first phase of “Guizhou Medical Talents Plan Shanghai Ruijin Class” 40 students have completed advanced study and returned to work.In 2016, the National Health Commission and the People’s Government of Guizhou Province decided to jointly implement the “Guizhou Medical Talents Plan” to accelerate the construction of medical and health talents in Guizhou and make up for the shortage of high-level talents.Guizhou Provincial Health Commission insists on giving priority to “talent cultivation” in the development of health undertakings, creating the upgraded version of “Guizhou Medical Talents Plan”, implementing four sub-plans of “Guizhou Medical Talents Climbing, Cultivating forest, backbone and Outstanding talents”, and carrying out the training of scarce, skilled and complex medical talents by stratification and classification.In May 2021, ruijin hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university and guizhou province health committee signed a cooperation agreement, the implementation of “qian medical talent Shanghai ruijin class” plan project, the project contains “qian medical talent cultivation plan” and “medical personnel qian back plan” of two components, primarily to guizhou province, city and county levels of medical institutions,Selection of medical, nursing, technical and young backbone with intermediate titles for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months of training.In September 2021, The Health Commission of Guizhou Province and the Health Commission of Guangdong Province signed the Framework Agreement on Medical and Health Cooperation between Guangdong and Guizhou in 2021-2025. After further consultation,Sun Yat-sen University of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Medical University, Southern Medical University and other 20 third-class a hospitals have been included in the training and receiving units of “Guizhou Medical Forest Cultivation Plan” and “Guizhou Medical backbone Plan”.So far, the training places of “Guizhou Medical Talents Plan” in Guizhou province have been expanded from Beijing and Zhejiang to Shanghai and Guangdong.”Guizhou Medical Talents Plan” has lasted for 6 years since its launch. There are 6 periods in two rounds. The completion rate of the first 5 periods is 99.53%, and the rate of excellent students is 96.28%.Relying on top three hospitals in Beijing, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong and other places, the hospital has trained 712 discipline backbone and management personnel, 470 of whom have completed training and returned to Guizhou, enriching and improving the provincial health personnel training system from high-end personnel training to basic personnel training, and the work has achieved obvious results.After returning to work, the trainees used what they learned to develop more than 400 practical new technologies and new therapies, and filled more than 280 medical technology gaps at all levels in the province.While serving the hospital, the trainees promoted the knowledge and skills they learned to primary medical institutions and carried out various training, training more than 20,000 grassroots technical personnel.First instance: Ding Liang second instance: Li Bei third instance: Wang Xingtao