Toyota Senna’s big bet: I lost

2022-05-31 0 By

After the Launch of the Toyota Cena, even though the price was higher than expected, I made a meal bet with a friend that the Cena would sell well out of my confidence in the quality of toyota-built cars and the pent-up demand in the market.I was flattered by the fact that over 10,000 cars had been pre-sold in one month, but a third party’s tally of Racing sales turned me over, which was far less than half of pre-orders.Losing this bet, I feel very unhappy, can also be said to be old scheming miscalculation!Because this is not the problem of the car itself, after all, the famous Sena, TNGA platform brought control, plus a reasonable price, finally lost to the familiar “markup”, and part of the chip shortage problem!Compared with the two leading players in the Chinese MPV market, Buick GL8 and Trumpchee M8, as the fourth generation SIENNA introduced from China, it is natural that Toyota will take up one of the three parts of the world, whether it is the brand influence continuously improved by Toyota or the product strength of Sena itself.Could the real cause of the problem, according to Toyota, really be the “markup”?I went to the 4S shop to ask about the sales situation, and the salesman answered that the price of a car with a unified market price increased by 60,000 yuan, and the final price of a car with a level of 300,000 yuan should reach 400,000 yuan.Of course, everyone likes carrots and vegetables, and for a truly needed product, how much price may not be the problem.Pure imported Lexus and Elfa also have a price increase, and continue to do so, isn’t it still bought?With potential demand high and capacity tight, senna’s price increase is understandable, even expected. Why did so few people end up paying?The Buick GL8 is, to put it mildly, an evergreen tree in the market, but the stereotypes of business vehicles and outdated designs seem behind The Times.Senna has positioned itself as the happy car of the family car, and from the exterior to the interior design, the campaign seems to be a success.Only, a skinny camel is bigger than a horse.Perhaps only Highlander can appreciate the formidable power of buick’s GL8 reputation over the years, and that was the beginning of Senna’s miscalculation.When it goes in the wrong direction, it all starts wrong.The scariest part is not how many sena actually sold, but the enthusiasm of the 10, 000 intended users.When users resonate with Sena’s family happiness car, they make up their hopes but finally wait for the cold “price increase” in 4S shops. When it is cold and hot, both users and Toyota’s dreams are shattered.Mechanism under market economy, the car a commodity between supply and demand balance, or discount, or price make more money, such as a friend to buy BMW X2 can get high discount of 7 fold, the major of byd DM – I pick up the car models have to wait, all right, just want to market competition balance properly, otherwise it is easy to overturn.Highlander, as the magic car in the seven-seat SUV market, beat all the external competitors, but ushered in the equivalent crown Land vehicle. The price increase is still the stage for users to purchase cars, but it seems not as tough as before, and the waiting time is not so long.Not to mention that there are already solid choices like buick GL8, Odyssey and Trumpchi M8 before The SIENNA, soon the American SIENNA sport will debut as a Crown MPV at FAW Toyota’s home stadium.This is a large MPV with the crown logo, perhaps more impressive than the crown land fang.Although we do not know how this crown MPV will perform, we believe that FAW Toyota will also make clear the current situation of The Chinese auto market to the majority of dealers, and do not damage the brand image for only a few tens of thousands of yuan.Electric and intelligent, let the independent car enterprises on the road of brand progress all the way, but also let the Chinese market more and more abundant choices.It is true that the sales of a car comes from the excellent product power of the car itself. Once the sales soar, users will be blindly confident and turn away. Users’ eyes have already had the perspective function, and they can no longer be easily fooled.The Chinese market is no longer an era of sellers or buyers, but an era of peaceful coexistence between buyers and sellers. If you want to use a global model, you will surely get enough sales, and even have outdated price-raising tactics. Who dare to neglect users so much?Markup, appropriate, after all, a good car is worth markup, but a good car eventually only markup, then it is still a good car, is it a luxury car?The end user can only say “can’t afford it!”Even turn around and leave without saying a word.By the way, a friend who once consulted to buy the sena finally bought the Odyssey of Guangqi Honda. After so many years, the Odyssey is still very fragrant. It is a quiet handsome man and a household MPV without price increase.As for the big bet on this game, I was blown away by the result, but a loser is a loser. Let’s cash in on this meal in 2022. Hopefully the chip shortage will be resolved soon so THAT I can save some face.