Only when every household is good can a country be good can a nation be good

2022-05-31 0 By

Editor’s note: “Today, we are closer, more confident and capable than ever before of realizing the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. At the same time, we must be prepared to make ever more arduous and strenuous efforts.”This is the firm conviction of the people’s leaders and a call to the whole Party and the people to strive to achieve the second Centenary Goal.Our new journey calls for all Chinese people to work “People’s Leader Xi Jinping” column launched a special planning “General Secretary’s” Open Class “, together with you from the General Secretary’s “knowledge” and “action” feeling, harvest, growth.When it comes to Chinese New Year, many people first think of stories about their families.General Secretary Xi Jinping believes that “no matter how much The Times change, no matter how much the pattern of life changes, we should always pay attention to family construction, family education and family tradition”, and that “only when thousands of families are thriving can the country and the nation prosper”.This “Open Class” of the General Secretary focuses on the profound thinking of the General Secretary on family, family education and family tradition construction, and we study together.