After the reform is not allowed to read?Half the students were transferred to vocational high schools, and the official response came

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Nowadays, the importance of the high school entrance examination is no less than the college entrance examination. If students perform well in the high school entrance examination, they will be able to enter the ideal high school smoothly, and enjoy high-quality educational resources on the basis of a good learning environment and atmosphere. Naturally, they can gain competitive advantages in the college entrance examination and have a bright future.But if the failure of the mid-term exam, then it is necessary to face the fate of being shunted, but parents are not very recognized for vocational high.The reform of the high school entrance examination will have half of the students shunted, and now not let repeat?Faced with the current 5:5 ratio, many parents can not sit still, because it means that half of the students will not be able to go to high school after the entrance examination, but some parents are more lenient, if their children fail the entrance examination, they can choose to repeat.However, recently there was a news on the Internet that students were not allowed to repeat the high school entrance examination, which many parents felt difficult to accept. Some parents even asked the relevant authorities for reasons, and got a clear response: students who failed in the high school entrance examination can choose to repeat the examination, but public schools do not accept repeat students, they have to go to private colleges.This worries many parents. The ratio of jobs in the high school entrance examination has dropped, and now public schools do not accept repeat students. Where should students go when they fail?In fact, you should have a correct view of the reform of education, for example, the adjustment of the general vocational ratio is to better promote the coordinated development of secondary vocational education and ordinary high school education.Fill the vacancies of our country’s technical talents, so that students can better employment after graduation.Moreover, students directly enter vocational high school after failing in the middle school entrance examination, which is not as bad as parents imagine. Although there is a certain gap between vocational high school and general high school, it also has a lot of advantages that cannot be ignored.The advantages of high vocational colleges, many parents and students don’t ignore the prejudice and slander, under the influence of high vocational impression is not good for a lot of parents, think children into the school that will not have a good development, but under the new education environment, high vocational college education level has been improved dramatically, parents also should abandon some old concepts, to meet what is education school.High vocational colleges are recognised by the formal education unit, while receiving most of the students is the “difference”, but the so-called bad only on academic performance, in high vocational colleges, through continuously improve professional ability and technology, the students here are also likely to become a top student, and high vocational colleges and universities every year has prepared a large number of technical personnel for the country and society,It has its own value of existence and specific advantages.Compared with general high school, vocational high school education attaches more importance to the enlightenment of students’ cognition. At the time of enrollment, students should determine their own learning direction and focus on professional skills on the basis of professional knowledge, which can provide students with a lot of practice opportunities.In addition, vocational high school education and general high school education are three years of schooling, after three years, they have the same opportunity to participate in the college entrance examination. Although the course is different, if the goal is the same, the end point is the same. As long as students are willing to work hard, they can still shine in vocational high school.What preparation can students make if they want to win the middle school entrance examination?Although entering vocational high school is not necessarily a good choice, but students still want to try to enter high school, after all, whether it is educational resources, or teaching environment, it should be better, the range of choice in the future is broader, so students want to successfully pass the entrance examination into high school, what can be prepared?First of all, do psychological relaxation, after the change of the pattern of middle and high school entrance examination, students will inevitably increase the pressure of entering a higher school, there may be some tension in the learning process.Especially in the third grade, learning to relax can not only better ensure the quality and efficiency of learning, but also allow yourself to play normally in the exam.Secondly, the grasp of class time, which is very key, to maintain the concentration of class, maximize the reception and digestion of class knowledge, if you do not understand the problem, you can timely record, wait until after class to ask the teacher or classmates.Of course, the preview and consolidation before and after class are also very important. After all, the human brain has limited memory, and it is inseparable from the process of consolidation and reinforcement to firmly transform knowledge into personal use.Finally, reasonable arrangement of work and rest time, many students in junior and senior three have the habit of staying up late to study. Although they can master more key knowledge and skills through prolonged learning time, staying up late for a long time will affect their learning state and even their physical health, and good physical quality is the basis of all efforts.Since the ratio was changed to 5:5, it has become more difficult for students to enter high schools because public schools do not accept repeat students.If you want to be admitted to high school smoothly, students should adjust their mentality as soon as possible, do not let themselves have too much psychological burden, and put the main energy and time into the study.If you fail in the high school entrance examination, entering a vocational high school may be a better arrangement, where students have a chance to discover their true talent. In short, no matter what the choice is, they should work hard enough and leave no regrets for themselves.