A female police chief in Sichuan has been prosecuted for reinstating her driving license without taking a test

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Li, 51, a female police chief of the traffic police detachment of the Public Security Bureau in Liangshan, Sichuan Province, took advantage of her position to collect the reward money when she was in charge of the driver’s test, so that drivers who had lost 12 points on their driving license could resume their license without studying for seven days and taking a theoretical test.Recently, Li was sichuan Province Muli Tibetan Autonomous County procuratorate to take bribes, the use of influence to take bribes.On March 31, China Procuratorial Website published the case.According to the public prosecution, from September 2017 to December 2018, engaged in agent car management, car driving and other businesses zheng and Wang asked Li for help, issued a receipt has participated in education.Li mou took advantage of the position, agreed to charge each single favors fee 400 yuan to 500 yuan, and requested the favors fee unified transfer by its hold Tang so-and-so (Li cousin) bank account.Among them, Zheng transfers 28,500 yuan to Li in 4 times, Wang transfers 59,840 yuan to Li in 20 times, and the two people transfer a total of 88,340 yuan.In October 2019, Chu learned that the Public security organs of Xichang city were investigating her suspected of organizing and leading gangland organized crimes. She wanted to interpose with Zhao, director of the Public Security Bureau of Xichang city, through Li’s help.After chu xx telephone about Li mou to meet, the plastic bag of homemade corn cake and another bag of 200,000 yuan in cash in Li Mou car, Li mou promised to find the right time to help, but did not receive cash.More than 10 days later, Chu so-and-so again about Li to meet, will be homemade corn cake and packed with 200,000 yuan of cash into the trunk of the car Li mou driving, li mou again put forward to help, Li mou said she had mentioned the matter to Zhao mou, then Li mou drove away.That night, Li counted 200,000 yuan in cash and called Chu so-and-so, but the phone was not connected. The next day, He called Chu so-and-so, chu so-and-so refused to take back the 200,000 yuan in cash on the grounds that she was not in Xichang. Later, Li used all the 200,000 yuan for personal daily consumption.Muli Tibetan Autonomous County procuratorate believes that Li mou as a state staff, the use of power and authority to accept other people’s property a total of 88,340 yuan, the amount is large, its behavior should be investigated for criminal responsibility for taking bribes.Li mou as a close relation of the state staff, the use of the state staff functions and powers or status of the formation of the convenient conditions, for the trustee commitment to seek improper interests, accept a huge amount of property, its behavior should be the use of influence to accept bribes to investigate its criminal responsibility.Li mou to the case truthfully confessed the facts of the case, voluntary confession, family members also give positive return of the stolen money, and is a first offense, can be dealt with leniently.Xing Jianyang, Riverrun News reporter