Young girl Yang Shuorui, Chinese ice fans love you very much

2022-05-30 0 By

In the women’s freestyle ski platform qualification event held this morning (7th), China has two skaters to compete, in addition to the big star Gu Ailing, and a Chinese young Yang Shuorui.However, in the pre-competition trial jump process, Yang Shuorui did not have a good command of a movement, fell to the ground, resulting in injuries in the left corner of the eye, the scene of the ambulance personnel rushed to her treatment.At this time, the eye injury had actually affected her vision, making her look at the piste below her a little blurred after taking off. Strictly speaking, she was not fit to continue to compete at this time.However, Yang was not willing to give up the competition, as it was her first time to participate in the Winter Olympics, so the girl insisted on continuing the competition. Finally, Yang completed the three jumps in the qualifying round and succeeded in all of them.Although the completion of the movements was greatly affected, the three jumps scored 38.25 points, 40.50 points and 55.50 points respectively, taking the latter two highest scores, Yang shuorui’s total score of 96 points, ranked 20th among 25 athletes, and failed to make it to the finals tomorrow morning.However, after the race, the reporters did not care about her ranking, but very distressed her eye injury, everyone asked her injury and feelings, but the tenacious girl would not talk about it, but comforted the reporters: I do not matter, the injury is not serious.What I regret most is that it somewhat affected my vision, so I did not do the three movements well. I wanted to dance better, but I missed it because of this minor injury. I still feel it is a pity.source Beijing daily client | journalists Reger king smile Li sl