Words taken out of context!Harden had it the worst at least 3 times and George was forced to apologize

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The NBA’s top players have huge fans, but they also have huge black fans, which leads them to be ridiculously vilified, even when positive comments are taken out of context and turned into derogatory ones.Of those players, harden is the worst, because he gets the most quotes out of context, and So does George.Harden was taken out of context a lot during the Rockets, especially during their three-point winning streak, one of which was kobe’s comment about how he couldn’t win a championship by himself when harden was scoring so fast.As a result, the fans took that line to heart, and actually Bryant went on to say that harden had to play this way or the rockets wouldn’t make the playoffs.The second was Paul during a timeout, with one GIF showing Harden arguing with Paul during a timeout and slapping his punch away.A lot of fans thought it was the ’19 playoffs, in fact, it was the’ 18 regular season, harden and Cp3 were just fighting to win, who didn’t fight with their friends, but some fans just didn’t care.Third finger, 19 years after the first round of the playoffs the second beat the warriors, harden finger to Paul, by so many fans think harden and Paul problem into the open, can’t get along, but in fact, is Paul poking fun at harden hurt his eyes are green, said don’t want to be infected (red eyes), off the court reporter laughed, harden behind a few people laughed.They had a big center and Harden didn’t shoot, so they had Rubio back guard harden, didn’t let him step back, forced him to get inside, and had Gobert guard him for layups.But still no one believed it.George, best known for losing to Lillard in the first round of the ’19 playoffs, said lillard wasn’t a good shot.There was a lot of abuse, but in fact, George added, “But it went in.”It was obviously quallillard, which was taken out of context and, two years later, led to George apologising for it, saying it was a good shot.Another time, after George was ineffective in helping his team win a game, he said something like, “Unlike Harden, I can contribute on both ends of the floor.Instead, what he said was, “I don’t have as many scoring tricks as Harden, but I pride myself on my defensive efficiency.”What other classic quotes have you heard taken out of context?