What are the expenses of the crew when they arrive at the port and cannot get off the ground during the epidemic

2022-05-30 0 By

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become a luxury for the crew to go to the port.I was just asked if the crew could save the money they earned when the ship arrived at the port and the crew couldn’t get to the ground.But even if you can’t go to the ground, you still have some expenses on board.Overhead of the first is the necessities of life, in the boat generally have the uniform, work shoes, uniform and so on, only need to prepare for underwear and socks, so that very little overhead, because general crew before the boat is ready to enough of these things, can’t down now, buy these things still more effort.In addition, toilet paper, towels and laundry will be provided, but you need to prepare your own toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and shower gel.If you don’t have enough of these things on board, you may need to buy them en route.According to my personal experience, these things cost more than 30 RMB per month on average.Then there is the problem of drinking water. Although fresh water will be provided on board, it is not convenient to drink fresh water. It needs to be boiled.As a crew member, sometimes it is very hot to work and you need water to drink, mineral water is a good choice.Therefore, many sailors choose to buy their own bottled mineral water to drink, according to the average daily volume of 1500 ml bottle, which costs about 100 YUAN.In addition to mineral water, some of the crew may prefer to drink soft drinks or cola, which is a different story.Then there is a very important one, the Internet traffic card.Now the ship can not get off the ground when it arrives at the port, so the Internet has become the only choice, not only to chat with family members, but also to read the news.And now you can surf the Internet not only in port, but also during the voyage.However, the Internet access during the voyage varies greatly from ship owner to ship owner. Some ship owners give the crew unlimited Internet access, so the crew does not need to spend any money to access the Internet.Some ship owners have limited Internet access for crew members, and they need to spend money for the extra part. As far as I know, the Internet access is 15 DOLLARS per G, which is relatively expensive.In this case, the ship to the port will certainly buy a local traffic card to access the Internet, but now can not go to the ground, sometimes it is difficult to buy a local traffic card.So this is the time to need different skills, some using domestic card roaming, some using virtual cards, some through agents or from the port workers to buy local cards, some have bought before the ship and so on.Therefore, it is difficult to say about the consumption in this aspect. The overseas container ships I travel on frequently call at the port, and the average monthly Internet expenditure is about 200 ~ 300 RMB.And if the ship’s chef isn’t to your taste, you might want to make snacks to suit your taste.If you do not divide the board of the ship may be a little better, the board of the ship may be more prepared in this aspect, this is the need to spend their own money.In addition, smoking and drinking are allowed on board. Sailors who are interested in this aspect can buy cigarettes and alcohol by themselves. However, smoking should be done in places where smoking is allowed in order to avoid fire.Drinking should also be done in moderation, so as not to interfere with work.Some people are curious, the crew can not go to the ground, so how to buy these things?There are several ways to do this. There are duty-free storehouses for cigarettes and wine on ships, which you can buy with money.If the ship calls at a domestic port and buys food in China, you can buy some snacks and daily necessities online and mail them to the catering supplier, who will deliver them to the ship for you, and of course, you can ask the catering supplier to buy them for you.If the ship does not call at a domestic port, it will have to buy what it needs from catering suppliers.Personally, I don’t smoke or drink much, so I spend less than 1000 RMB per month on the boat, which is relatively small.