The undertaker of Death Valley has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2022

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(Want to watch the 2022 chamber cage elimination contest for free, please pay attention to fall xiaohui, and then private chat, or message, when free, attention, the best private chat!)The mourner will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in April after being announced as the headliner for this year’s event.After more than 30 years in the business, Deadman officially retired in summer Frenzy in 2020.As one of the most recognizable names in wrestling, the undertaker’s career has surpassed that of all who came before him, and it’s almost certain that figures like him will never be seen again.Below is a list of five possible referrals for the WWE Hall of Fame.On this day in 1998, Mick Foley took on the undertakers in hell cage in one of the toughest matches in wrestling history!The Hardcore Legend has some of The iconic moments The Undertaker created in his career, including their 1998 hell cage match.Foley still bears the scars of the encounter, which made the pair household names.Foley is one of the Mourners’ most famous rivals in WWE.Both legends were WWE’s top stars during the bad Attitude era, and they shared some funny moments both in and out of the ring.They were even better friends in real life, and it’s clear that if he’s the one who introduced the mourners, the former champion will have some incredible stories to share with WWE fans.Of course, there’s a long list of stars who might welcome a mourner into the Hall of Fame, but given the two men’s history, it’s hard to rule out Mr. Foley as a potential reference.4: Brocklesner!Brock Lesner ends the undertaker’s unbeaten streak at Wrestlemania 30!The mourners chose Lesner as his conqueror, and the Beast has since become one of the biggest stars in the company.The two shared a bond after that game, as the undertaker revealed that most of the game was played while he suffered a recurrence of concussion.Though Paul Heyman has been speaking for Mr. Leissner for most of his career, Mr. Leissner has recently shown that he’s actually pretty good at microphone speaking, too, and is now a complete talker.The former world champion has recently become one of the most interesting characters on WWE, and a chance to recommend mourners for the celebrity tasting could finally get him talking publicly about ending that streak.There are still rumors that Leissner took matters into his own hands that night, a rumor started by Hyman himself.Bullock could end up confirming or debunking the rumor at the Hall of Fame ceremony.3: Triple H!Triple H King Hammer has always been one of the mourners’ biggest rivals and should at least be considered for the possibility of recommending the mourners for induction.These two legends collided at WrestleMania 17, 27, and 28, with the undertaker winning each time.More recently, in 2018, The Brothers Doom and DX met and fought again in the Treasure Crown Tournament.Their careers have gone hand in hand for decades.Triple H is a future Hall of Famer himself, but given his recent health issues, he may not be able to make a public appearance in April.If he’s healthy, The Game is one of The few superstars to share The stage with The mourners during The hottest days of WWE.Like Mick Foley, he has some great stories to share about the early careers of mourners.2: Vince McMan!Vince McMahon, the president of W.W.E., has also shared some iconic moments with mourners over the decades.From on-screen rival to best friend in real life, Vince McMann is the reason the mourners can’t refuse so much to give back to the company before he retires in 2020.Although the best person to recommend the mourner for inclusion would have been Paul Bell (the mourner and Kane’s character’s father, who is now deceased), the next best choice would have been Vince McMann, given the inspiration and pioneering he provided to the former world champion in his early days.Throughout the mourners’ career, Vince McMann has been the company’s ultimate decision maker and the driving force behind their success.Over the years, Vince McMann sent out several superstars to end the streak, but in the end, it was the undertaker who made the final decision.The two men have a rare understanding and respect for each other in the industry.The undertaker’s career owes a lot to the WWE chairman, and since all the decisions are made by Vince McMann, it’s hard to imagine him passing up the opportunity to honor one of his superstar employees.1: KANE (his character’s brother!)The aforementioned Paul Bell is also an expert in storytelling, and he was perfectly able to set up one of the most memorable storylines in WWE history for these two characters.Last year, mourners broke the news to Kane, so this time, Kane will be his “brother.”Kane and the undertaker are synonymous with each other.Both brothers and rivals changed the course of WWE history and became stars in their own right in the years since.Since Paul Bell is unlikely to be the man for the honor, Kane is the perfect choice.Given his new role as Knox County mayor, the devil’s favorite devil has gotten used to giving speeches in recent years.(Yes, I also thought Kane would be the best choice, because their brothers were supporting each other, so to speak, and it wasn’t easy!)Hope you will like and support his works!Welcome to comment, like or ridicule!The most important thing is to get your subscriptions!Every little subscription from you is the most important encouragement for Xiaohui to go on!Thank you!Subscribe after a day of updates, don’t get lost!Free PPV contest every month!