The Yunnan Corps and the Guilin garrison team in Guangxi carried out intensive training for coaches

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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the annual training mobilization meeting held by the superior, the “eight training modes” are promoted to take root in the garrison tasks, and the quality of the “soldiers” in the backbone belt is comprehensively improved.Since February 14, in yunnan province, guangxi guilin garrison, forest fire corps team a week of coaches training is well underway, and it is known that the command queue training centered class organization, team, fire fighting, and lesson plans to write subject aims to improve trainees organization command ability, temper good fighting style.Garrison team attaches great importance to the coaches training work, hon siep tock deputy division marshal chaired personally will mobilize the deployment, put forward the high hopes to all the trainees and specific requirements, carefully select the participation, and arrange the teaching experience, physical quality, ability outstanding assistant mid-team leader aung peaking comrade coaching monitor, combined with the existing conditions,The scientific formulation of training plans provides a solid organizational guarantee for the training work.The training work to take “the combination of theory teaching and demonstration explanation, in field practices to combine examination and appraisal, and the combination of concentrated solutions and panel discussion” manner, the work instructions spirit, queue command from a superior combat readiness training base, the means of writing lesson plan, organize and implement the principles of physical training, training injury prevention theory teaching methods such as content,Truly “use training ‘lian’ to solve the problems in training”.On this basis, the training class also focuses on the class queue organization and command, the group of fire fighting, teaching demonstration homework writing and other content for practical training, that evening to learn the content of the discussion exchange, exchange training experience and advanced experience, effectively promote the digestion and absorption of the content.In the next step, the training team will also take a person-by-person, subject by subject approach to assess participants, to test the results of the week’s training.The training of the coaches further unified the action standards and standardized the training methods, comprehensively improved the training and teaching ability of the participants, and also deeply identified the weaknesses that affect and restrict the construction of the coach team and the urgent problems to be studied and solved.In the next step, we will continue to strengthen the training of coaches, standardize training procedures, study teaching methods, and improve the overall construction level of coaches.