National Health Commission: by 2025, the proportion of geriatrics departments in secondary and above general hospitals shall be no less than 60%

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The national health committee has issued the planning and guiding principles of the establishment of medical institutions (2021-2025) “, points out that Settings to the medical service demand of medical institutions, medical service ability, thousand population data (thousand population of beds) of traditional Chinese medicine, several thousand people physicians (TCM doctor several thousand population) and thousands of key indicators such as population number of nurse to carry on the macroeconomic regulation and control,Specific index values shall be determined by provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government according to their actual conditions.It is clear that among the main indicators of the national medical institution establishment plan in 2025, no less than 60% of secondary and above general hospitals should set up geriatrics departments.According to the plan, the combination of medical care and nursing care should be deepened, geriatrics departments should be set up in secondary and higher general hospitals, geriatrics departments should be set up in secondary and higher TCM hospitals where conditions permit, and some primary and secondary public medical institutions should be guided to transform into long-term care institutions.At the same time, we will improve the TCM service system, and set up at least one provincial TCM regional medical center in every province, autonomous region and municipality.Lei Jingqiu, a nurse at the First People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province, guides elderly patients preparing for admission to fill out forms on May 12, 2020.Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Chen Xinbo) The plan emphasizes the rational setting of the number of public hospitals.In provincial areas, each plan to install a population of 10 million and 15 million provincial regional medical center, at the same time, according to the need planning layout children, tumor, spirit, infectious disease specialist hospital and the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, such as population size may be extended appropriately in sparsely populated areas, and according to the actual medical services need to set up the occupational disease and dental hospital.In prefecture-level areas, there will be one to two prefecture-level tertiary general hospitals for every one to two million people (including TCM hospitals, and the population size may be appropriately relaxed in areas with a large area and few people), and municipal specialized hospitals (including TCM hospitals) for children, mental health, obstetrics and gynecology, cancer, infectious diseases, and rehabilitation according to needs.At the county level, on the basis of the number of permanent residents, there should, in principle, be one county-run general hospital and one county-run TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine hospital (including traditional Chinese medicine hospital, integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital, ethnic minority hospital, etc.). Priority should be given to establishing ethnic minority hospitals at the county level in ethnic minority areas and autonomous areas.According to the plan, the number of beds in each ward of a public hospital should not exceed 50.The number of beds in newly established county-run general hospitals is generally about 600 to 1000.The number of beds in newly established municipal general hospitals is generally about 1000 to 1500.The number of beds in newly established provincial general hospitals and above is generally about 1500 to 3000.In addition, the plan also makes it clear that the “branch area” of public hospitals refers to the hospital area with a certain bed size that is newly established or acquired by public hospitals in other addresses other than the original hospital area (main hospital area).By the end of 2025, eligible public hospitals shall run no more than three branch areas, and the total number of beds in each branch area shall not exceed 80% of the number of beds in the main hospital area by the end of 2020.