Chess bay play sea trip has been arranged, Gu Ailing, see the most beautiful sunset together

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I heard that Gu Ailing, the Olympic champion, wanted to go surfing in Hainan. In fact, Hainan has many seascape resources, and chessman Bay in Changjiang river on the western line is a rare pure land in Hainan.As one of the ten most beautiful bays in Hainan, Chessman Bay is not only a coastal secret of Hainan, with clear water and soft sand, as white as silver.The coast is full of peaks and rocks.However, the most peculiar thing is that there is a mobile, semi-mobile and fixed sand dune very similar to the coastal desert of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, which is called “tropical coastal desert” by relevant experts, attracting many tourists to explore it.In addition, chessman Bay sea sunset is also famous, magnificent and romantic.Qiqi Bay “Sunset on the sea” landscape is the most beautiful sunset in the west of Hainan Island, the sea ripples, walking on the soft beach or long plank road, looking at all directions, you will feel sincere romantic, and completely fall in love with it!Beautiful sunset at Chessman Cove The sea in chessman Cove’s offshore area is as delicate as a pale blue emerald, and from a small boat you can see colorful tropical fish and coral underwater.In Chessman Bay, there is a kind of fun called “catch the sea”, you can jump into the sea to swim and fight water fights, you can also enjoy the wonderful experience of snorkeling, both cool and fun.Walking on the rocks in slippers, you can pick up a lot of shrimp and crab, seashells and starfish, and if you are lucky, you may even catch a big fish that has been stranded. This is a favorite activity for children to swim to the sea.Make a bonfire in the evening and have a seafood barbecue party on the beach with seafood and songs to make the best memories.(Changjiang Travel)