Analysis of the NBA’s Los Angeles Derby game

2022-05-30 0 By

The game is the NBA regular season game of the season, the match of the two teams is a from the tradition of the western conference teams the Los Angeles lakers, another is the Los Angeles lakers for years old rivals city rivals the Los Angeles clippers, the other as a result of the game both teams are from Los Angeles, so the game can also be called the NBA Los Angeles Derby.ZNO this season NBA regular season so far, the traditional powerhouse Los Angeles Lakers 25-27 minus one game ranked ninth in the league,The Los Angeles Lakers are one game behind the Los Angeles Clippers for eighth place in the Western Conference with a win over their arch-rival on the road.This should be a great motivation for the Clippers, and for the Los Angeles Clippers, if they can win this game, they can not only widen the gap with the Los Angeles Lakers, but also catch up with the team in front,From this point of view, both teams should be determined to win the game, so both teams will definitely give it their best shot, combined with the record of the two teams, THIS game I recommend big points.