90 old man 60 years of practice, meet four girls, failed

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Since ancient times, Chinese people have been pursuing longevity crazily. Since ancient times, people have been pursuing longevity through various methods.From a series of stories about the pursuit of longevity, we can glimpse one or two, and sum up experience, learn lessons, combined with their own conditions, out of their own road to longevity.From historical records, we can know that in the Qing Dynasty, there was an old man who had been practicing his internal skills for 60 years by himself. Relying on his strong will and perseverance day after day, he was still in high spirits and glowing at an old age.However, such an old man, but when he was about to create a myth, but with four young girls made a jaw-dropping thing, resulting in his sixty years of practice into nothing, completely broken, and left the world.What on earth made the old man make a mistake.Who on earth are the four young women who let the old man die in January?Due to the age, the old man’s name is no longer available, and people can only talk about the story orally. In people’s mouth, the old man is called Liu Weng.According to legend, Liu Weng was born rich, rich, as a rich child, he is not a playboy, but gentle, low-key.For these reasons, people around Yoo Weng have a high opinion of him.Like most young talents, he took the imperial examinations and passed the Jin Shi, which meant he was qualified to become an official.He also naturally became a magistrate.However, just when he thought everything was going well and a bright future beckoned to him, he indulged in Qigong and ignored officialdom.Because of this, Liu weng did not get promoted, but he did not feel discouraged, relying on his own qigong practice, gained the opportunity to prolong his life.In the beginning, people did not believe in the function of Qigong, but in the face of doubts from the outside world, Liu Weng did not believe it. In the following 60 years, as liu Weng grew older, his practice of Qigong gradually increased, and people began to believe that qigong was really useful.As Liu Weng became more and more famous, many people turned to him for advice on longevity.Although Liu Weng treated the visitors very politely, he never shared his secret to longevity.In the long run, people stopped asking liu the secret of his longevity, which gave him more time to devote to his qigong career.However, when Liu Weng was over ninety years old, he began to think that he had attained immortality and could indulge his pleasures. Under the guidance of this knowledge, he asked his children to find four young girls to serve him closely.In the days that followed, Liu Weng lived with four girls day and night, many people also believe that Liu Weng can live a healthy century.As a result, liu Weng died about a month after the four girls came to his side.When Liu weng’s children heard about it, they couldn’t believe it either.In order to find out the truth of the matter, Liu weng’s children interrogated the four maids.The truth of the matter is that after the four girls came to his side, Liu Weng no longer had the heart to practice. He only focused on indulging in pleasure with the four girls every day. As time went by, liu Weng’s sixty years of practice was wasted, and his whole life’s efforts suddenly went up in smoke.His life also came to an end.If the four girls had not come to Liu Weng’s side, maybe he could have created a myth that decades of efforts were ruined and his own efforts were wasted.Later generations of people think about the story of Liu Weng, all sigh, because of a temporary desire, come to such an end, people sigh.It can be seen that a reasonable control of one’s own desires is an essential part of a long life.I believe that people can create wonderful lives if they stick to their principles and their original choices.Liu Weng’s story is worthy of people’s thinking and summary, but also a warning.