Zhenping: The rescue team became “fighting soldiers” to help with epidemic prevention and control

2022-05-29 0 By

On April 6, members of zhenping Water Rescue Team carried out epidemic prevention and control activities at three centers, epidemic prevention and control headquarters and isolation points, helping epidemic prevention and control with their own practical actions.The players wear protective clothing, holding a mist machine, carrying 50 catties of weight, carrying out “carpet” elimination, leaving no dead Angle, not falling a little hidden danger.Accompanied by a “buzz”, the white smoke from the mist machine spewed out, evenly scattered in every corner, but also “sprinkled” in everyone’s heart.In epidemic prevention and control, there are no bystanders or outsiders. Everyone is a participant and fighter.In this war without smoke, every player is a combatant.Zhenping water rescue team captain Song Dan told reporters: “Zhenping water rescue team from the 27th, the members are self-raised equipment, self-raised funds, into the anti-epidemic support action.We belong to the rescue team of Zhenping County Swimming Association. From 27th till now, about 15 members have been dispatched every day and insist on being on the front line every day.After we ran out of supplies, just with the county epidemic prevention headquarters docking, headquarters provided us with a full range of equipment and supplies.Every day, we cooperate with the epidemic prevention headquarters to eliminate key areas such as checkpoints and quarantined hotels.The reason why we can persist for so many days is that we all have a common goal. We hope to make our own contribution to the early lifting of the blockade in Zhenping, and hope that the people in Zhenping can return to normal life as soon as possible.”It is reported that since March 27, zhenping water rescue team has dispatched 150 members, 132 disinfection sites, and assisted 3 nucleic acid testing sites to complete 9 nucleic acid tests.Zhenping County Rong Media Center reporter: Xiaochun Chen Qian Editor: Wang Wanyu Zhao Jianhong Review: Zhang Bo