Wuhu city three road plan rapid transformation project before the approval of the public

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Speeding up the construction of transportation infrastructure, constructing a three-dimensional transportation network integrating high speed and high speed, and creating a higher level of interconnection will help to upgrade the energy level of the sub-central city.In 2022, wuhu traffic will be further accelerated.Recently, Wuhu natural resources and planning Bureau released huizhou Road (Wanchun Road – Beijing Road), Wanchun East Road (Huizhou road – wuhu east entrance), Henglangshan Road and other three road rapid transformation project approval before the public, these three projects are also included in the city’s key engineering construction management office in 2022 investment plan.As an important north-south main road and freight channel in the eastern part of the city, huizhou Road potholes are difficult to travel, which has been reported by the nearby residents for many times.Due to the large traffic flow and heavy load vehicles on this road, and assume the role of the transit channel, so the construction standard of the road surface is not high often appear different degrees of damage, local maintenance will appear new potholes, can not solve the fundamental problems of roadbed.According to the publicity before the approval of the rapid engineering scheme, the total length of about 4.7 km of Huizhou Road (Wanchun Road – Beijing Road) to the ground expressway, local elevated construction mode.Among them, Wanchun Road – Chenling section for 1.2km elevated expressway;The section of Chenling Road – Beijing is 3.5km surface expressway;The elevated section adopts main six auxiliary six, and the ground fast section adopts main six auxiliary four;3.5m non-motorized lanes are set along the whole line, and 3m to 3.5m pavements are set according to the nature of land on both sides.For example, the main line tunnel passes through Chizhu Mountain Road and the auxiliary road intersects horizontally. An ramp from the west to the north of Chizhu Mountain Road is set, and the other directions are converted through the auxiliary road. A pair of entrances and exits are set on the north and south sides.The main line across the Shenshan Road, south and north are set up a pair of entrances, auxiliary road and shenshan Road signal light level intersection.According to the publicity before the approval, the design of Wanchun East Road (Huizhou Road – East entrance to Wuhu) is about 2.7 km in length, using the ground expressway scheme, including Huizhou road node set double Y type interchange, all ramps adopt directional direct connection;Fumin Road node crosses Fumin Road from the main line of Wanchun Road, and the intersection of the auxiliary road and Fumin Road is controlled by light.Ningwu highway in Wanchun Road set high – speed entrance, newly completed reconstruction.At present, there is no real fast passage to ningwu expressway in the old city. The rapid transformation of Wanchun East Road (huizhou Road – east entrance of Wuhu) will greatly improve the speed of transformation between urban traffic and intercity traffic, and will also become an important tourism passage in Wuhu.The rapid transformation of Henglangshan Road is an important part of wuhu city’s rapid road network system “three horizontal, four vertical and two shot”. The project is close to Wuhu South Railway Station and ports along the Yangtze River, connecting multiple high-speed entrances and exits, which is of great significance to the rapid transformation of different modes of transportation and multi-modal transportation such as public transportation, railway transportation and water transportation.According to the publicity before the batch, headway Mountain road rapid transformation starting point is located in the west of jinan road intersection, followed by construction of big MAO interchange;The terminal is located at the intersection of Changjiang South Road, about 2.7 kilometers long.The standard section of Jinan Road – Huajin South section is 56 meters wide, the main lane two-way 8 lanes, the auxiliary road two-way 2 lanes;Huajin South Road – Changjiang South section of the standard section of the total width of 52 meters, the main lane two-way 6 lanes, two-way 2 lanes side road.In the overall road scheme, henglangshan Road and Huajin South Road intersection using the main line straddle diamond interchange, and zhanghe Road intersection using branch crossing;At the intersection with Changjiang South Road, the interchange scheme of changjiang South Road main line undercrossing + southeast turning ramp is adopted.Other intersections use right entry and right exit: Zhongshan South Road, Tianzigang Road, a total of 2;Bus stops: 2 pairs at the intersection of Huajin South Road and Changjiang South Road;6 street crossing tunnel: zhongshan South road intersection, tianzigang Road intersection of 2.Rui Juan, reporter from Dajiang Evening News (Photo courtesy of the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau)