LEC’s best team in the face!Who would have thought core Would win 7 in a row?

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★ Game Horseshoe original RGE Europe 7 winning RGE was hit hard at the end of the transfer period, the core wild Inspired by North America EG bought, the core down road HansSama was bought by North America TL, forced by the RGE is an unprecedented from the recent years do not buy Korean environment jumped out,Signed backup wild hitter Malrang from the Korean DK.He was replaced by a young new ADC player named Comp.RGE was an underdog at first, with Fnatic and G2, VIT and MAD in the middle. Anyone who looked at RGE without its core would not think they could do much good.But it happened that the European LEC face is so fast, the opening 3 weeks RGE a ride with a 7-0 unbeaten record leading the European division table.And they’re not on a winning streak, which includes Fnatic, VIT, MAD and many other teams, all lost to them in the first round.Two words to describe “outrageous”.The core’s gone, okay?HansSama has been one of the best ADC players in Europe for the past few years, but has not been able to achieve great results. He left RGE this year to join Liquid in North America, and also won the pre-season competition today.And the final match with his former teammates, is also from RGE’s wild Inspired led EG team.These two players proved to be valuable as they made their mark as soon as they arrived in North America, although that may have something to do with the fact that some LCS teams didn’t start their first team in the preseason.The departure of Shisuke caused RGE’s rating to plummet before the start of the season, falling far behind the old giants Fnatic and G2, and VIT, which had recruited stars like Perkz and Carzzy.But the core of RGE has found a new lease of life in The European LEC, or have they found a treasure?In RGE’s seven-game winning streak, veteran Odoamne scored two POGs, Korean player Malrang scored two poGs, middle player Larsson scored one and newcomer ADC Player Comp scored two.More balanced multi-core force, so that RGE unexpectedly became the only team in the Beginning of the European LEC season almost no weakness.HansSama’s replacement Comp was born in 2001, made his debut at the age of 14 and has been with VIT for the past two years, but when VIT’s new Galaxy bought former MAD’s Carzzy this year, Comp got a chance to join RGE as a starter.Comp has shown surprisingly strong talent in this important version of the ADC, and his heavy Carry has been the key to RGE’s seven-game winning streak.Perhaps the most fortunate thing is that larsson is finally “awake”, his performance is not as amazing as the peak, but much better than the end of the slump.RGE solidified their position after beating Fnatic and VIT back to back in week 3, and they defied many pre-match predictions.And this team will really change after the core, black to create team history championship?After the LEC competition is worth looking forward to!= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = u horseshoe original game, commercial reproduced prohibited without permission has long thank you for your support and great kindness to the attention of your encouragement is our continuously updated