Calligrapher ward to write Spring Festival couplets to thank the medical staff

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57-year-old calligrapher Liu Uncle (pseudonym) will handwritten couplets presented to the oncology department of all medical staff correspondent for the picture jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) (correspondent Zhou Qi Shu Wang Chan) (correspondent Zhou Qi shu Wang Chan) “The Spring Festival is coming, I want to write a pair of Spring Festival couplets to thank you!Write ‘create a great cause prosperous, brilliant exhibition cast brilliant, hengpi, grand exhibition!’recently, wuhan wuchang hospital oncology warm touching scene, 57, calligrapher liu ye (a pseudonym) will be handwritten couplets presented the oncology department all the staff, to thank them not only allow yourself to get the careful treatment, medical staff but also in the treatment with patience, love to eliminate their fear of cancer and nervous.Liu, who lives in Henan province, was admitted to a local hospital three months ago for gastrointestinal bleeding.After recovery, Uncle Liu came to Wuhan to visit his relatives. But in mid-December, Uncle Liu developed gastrointestinal bleeding again. His family immediately sent Uncle Liu to Wuhan Wuchang Hospital for treatment.After electronic colonoscopy and other related examinations, Liu was diagnosed with colon cancer.After a multi-disciplinary consultation in the department of gastroenterology, general surgery and oncology, the surgeon decided to perform radical resection of colon cancer and intestinal adhesion release.After the surgery, the oncology department carried out subsequent adjuvant chemotherapy according to the pathological conditions and stages of Uncle Liu.At the end of January, Yu Xiaohong, director of the Department of Oncology, formulated the first cycle of SOX chemotherapy and the second cycle of SOX chemotherapy combined with molecular targeted bevastizumab for Uncle Liu.Before liu’s chemotherapy, the medical staff carefully taught the attention of chemotherapy, so that Liu’s nervous mood was relieved.Considering that Uncle Liu’s body would not adapt to chemotherapy for the first time, the medical staff would not only do routine ward rounds and propaganda, but also make use of their spare time to give him popular science on matters needing attention and guidance on healthy diet.After successfully completing the first cycle of chemotherapy, Liu said, “I watched the children shuttling between the wards every day, busy feet on the ground!Sometimes I can’t talk to them about everyday life!They’re all about the same age as my kids!Not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue!Really hard work!”Uncle Liu said with emotion.”This New Year, I have nothing to give you, just write you a few words!To show my gratitude!”Looking at uncle Liu’s handwriting, the medical staff knew that he was a member of the Chinese Calligraphy Association.”When I get well, I’ll send you some more good works!”Uncle Liu said happily.On New Year’s Eve, the medical staff pasted Spring Festival couplets written by Uncle Liu on the door of the department, encouraging them to treat each patient with a more serious and responsible attitude. For them, the affirmation of patients and their families is the best “gift” of the New Year.