Wear skirt in spring and summer to master these 3 skills, collocation is gentle and elegant, easily become the focus in the crowd

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See there are a lot of little sister recently began to buy new clothes for myself, indeed, spring and summer and there are many fashion item to be, so at this time in addition to the outside of the pants is all kinds of dresses, skirt collocation gentle elegant, but also can show a woman flavour, as long as you master these three tactics, absolute can become the focus of the crowd,Let’s continue to enjoy it.First, wear a skirt collocation technique (1) do not cover the ankle in spring and summer wear skirts, we must pay attention to the choice of length, try not to cover the ankle, this law is known to all, after all, the ankle is the most fine place our legs, the place to show will show some thin, if cover, it is easy to cause you to shape the disadvantage of being exposed,Suggest young lady sister people also can pass the collocation of a few dew ankle at ordinary times to decorate scale.When choosing dress, under the best length is this dress in the middle of the lower leg, the length can be said to be the most of the body to be able to manage, and especially the pear-shaped figure may have problems with thick thighs and hip width, through this kind of bust skirt to concave shape, can effectively help us to modify the legs, and able to reflect our personal advantage.(2) according to figure choose dew leg area usually wear skirts should choose according to individual figure more suitable dew leg area, small when wearing skirts can enlarge the area of dew leg, deflect, let the lower half of leg ministry line is shown, so can appear ratio is better, and the tall man may be tall, leg is very long, if you’d like to show the leg can also,But the little sister with thick legs shows legs as little as possible, and the area of exposed legs should be mainly near the ankle as far as possible.(3) high heels in choosing a dress, more delicate high-heeled shoes of collocation also is indispensable, so in the usual life, you may always wear sneakers in pursuit of comfort, so that can let sell at a discount greatly temperament, looks too casual, no taste, with high heels to replace the shoes can show a sense of elegance.Second, dress in fashion this year introduced (1) dress is wrapped in a figure with good eyebrow in the United States this year will give yourself a wrap dress, wrapped in the dress collocation is very sexy, wrapped in can perfect our figure curve, let you of the waist and better show your bottom line, full of feminine flavour,And these wrap dresses look very charming.② A-word skirt can also try a-word skirt, choose the collocation of this A-word skirt can help us modify the problem of hip width, narrow under wide way can also effectively extend our lower body proportion, the legs are long and thin.(3) the little black dress black dress special classic able to bear or endure look, it as a classic dress, at any time can be used in the concave shape, can be said to be very joker, and bloggers these little black dress collocation also special western style, especially the little black dress is pink or green sweater on collocation, this outfit is very attractive yo, bright color and black combination also won’t feel fancy.Third, have a look at the collocation of bloggers sweater with skirts the transition in the spring and summer, the temperature is not entirely of heat, still need to provide ourselves with a sweater, but you can choose a thin sweater, wear in the body comfortable, romantic, and won’t feel heavy, deserve to go up again a gentle skirts, will be able to show a woman flavour.When we are choosing knit unlined upper garment in chun xia commonly, also give priority to with knit unlined upper garment of this kind of short sleeve below, short sleeve looks more lightsome, and collocation goes up skirt outfit also won’t feel sultry, can wear in 4 May.It’s really funky with a little bit of padding.Sweater with floral skirt although some will feel broken flower skirt is outdated, but actually we still can find a lot of fashion people through these broken flower skirt collocation, elegant and intellectual, you can try some elements of broken beautiful dress, more at ordinary times than ordinary pure color looks more fashion, T-shirt on collocation, knit unlined upper garment also is very beautiful.This kind of floral dress, like the blogger, is mainly dark color, looks more mature, can be worn in their late 30s.This article explains the fashion dress collocation, this spring and summer to start with a few beautiful skirts, after all, the skirt style is rich, but also a lot of version, according to the individual figure will not be wrong, combined with fashionable shoes or jacket collocation, really beautiful.Statement: Original text, pictures from the Internet.If there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.Article 9 /