Tonghai County actively do a good job of reservoir water storage

2022-05-28 0 By

Because last year’s rainfall is more than in previous years, Tonghai county to seize the favorable opportunity of rainfall, actively do a good job of reservoir reservoir water storage work, this year the county reservoir dam, Qilu lake, water storage have increased.It is understood that Tonghai county has a total of 210 reservoirs, so far, the storage capacity of the county reservoir is 12.6623 million cubic meters, accounting for 108% of the county water storage plan, compared with the same period last year more than 7.7532 million cubic meters, compared with the normal year (2008) more than 23500 cubic meters;The water level of Qilu Lake is 4.01 meters, with 138.16 million cubic meters of water, 0.48 meters higher than last year, with 17.28 million cubic meters more water.At present, Tonghai county rain, water, flood work tends to be stable, but because of the weather is capricious, uneven rainfall, some reservoirs dam also exist running water level or insufficient water storage situation.In view of this situation, Tonghai county according to one reservoir (dam) one policy analysis and research, overall consideration of urban and rural water supply, drinking water for people and livestock and urban and rural industrial and agricultural production water situation, the preparation of water supply plan in advance, multiple measures to do a good job of storage, do there is water must be stored, there is water must be blocked.(Yuxi Daily correspondent Hu Ting, Zhao Mingbo)