This “Wuhan New Year” cultural travel feast to enjoy!

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The flowers were outlined in red letters.Someone add candle west window, sleepless invasion dawn, laughter turn, New Year warbler language.The bell of the Spring Festival blows the good fortune of the Year of the Tiger. I wish you all the best and good luck for the New Year. “This’ Wuhan New Year ‘cultural travel feast to enjoy!”I think many people in Wuhan, like xiaobian, will choose to spend the New Year in Wuhan this year.When I picked up the “happy” menu of the 2022 Wuhan Spring Festival, I was in a great mood. There are 108 cultural travel meals in six sections, which can accompany our citizens and tourists to spend a happy New Year in Wuhan.Xiaobian carefully selected one of the novel fun to share with you as fast!When it comes to appreciating flowers in the Spring, east Lake Plum Garden is the first place to visit. It is the location of China Plum Blossom Research Center, and has the world’s largest plum blossom resource nursery, planting more than 340 varieties of precious plum blossom, as well as more than 200 ancient plum blossom trees of more than 100 years, ancient wax plum and 800 years old plum ancestors. The vitality and charm of years of aggregation cannot be forgotten.There are yellow Crane Tower park, here a total of jiangmei type, palace powder type, green calyx type, cinnabar type, jade butterfly type, apricot plum 6 categories of 19 varieties of more than 500 strains of plum, mainly concentrated in the north of the mountain plum garden, the southern area of the fall mei Xuan and crape Myrtle garden.From February 1 to 5, “Fu Hu Welcomes the New Year with a royal Ceremony for rui Crane”.In the tea valley of Huaxiang, huangpi District, there were more than 10,000 plum trees, including gongfen plum, vermilion plum, red plum, big red plum, zhaoshui plum, green sepal plum and so on.On February 4, the sixth Festival of Jang-tak s Poetry, The New Year s Plum Blossom Poetry festival and the Preparation of snow tea will be held.If you don’t want to go out to enjoy the nearby plum, there are all over the city to see oh, such as Wuhan Botanical Garden, Hankou River Beach, Liberation Park, Zhongshan Park, Sand Lake Park, Castle Peak Park, Ma on Shan Forest Park, etc., are your “dishes”!From January 30 to February 6, the “Yangtze River Light Show” will be broadcast every night. Based on the historical context of the Chinese nation, it will dynamically interpret traditional Chinese culture and customs, sing praises of the splendid mountains and rivers of the motherland, and write splendid chapters in the new era.If you want to experience something exciting during the Spring Festival, the first helium balloon in central China is named “East Lake Color Dan”. It has a diameter of 23 meters and a 6,000-cubic meter sphere with a 360° panoramic view, making it the best viewing platform for the East Lake.Still, wuhan happy jungle night tour continues, composed of 30,000 light beads “East Lake eye” ferris wheel, a large LED confession wall, want to romantic confession under the wheel don’t miss the opportunity.If you want to experience garden activities, come to wuhan Botanical Garden, which has 8 garden activities waiting for you.Enter the garden to receive the year of the Tiger bag, puppetry also entered the botanical garden, and the “National color tianxiang” Spring Festival peony exhibition, “exotic orchid-like spring welcome” tropical orchid exhibition, landscape greenhouse tulips, peach blossom exhibition can enjoy.It runs until March 31.Garden Expo Garden New Year’s Fair, Hankou Li temple fair lively staged “Bo Tiger through the Chinese New Year”, “In the museum to find the flavor of the New Year”, “Bo Tiger 闹 New Year carnival” three sections, showing the year of the tiger theme of the year of the children’s art exhibition, new style of singing and dancing, dragon and lion dance and other folk skills performance activities, time until February 16.For those who want to decorate the Spring Festival with flowers, I want to tell you a piece of good news. Wuhan Winter Jasmine Flower Market, including Liberation Park, Wuhan LiVAT Center, Wuhan International Square, Wuhan Shangri-La Hotel and other indoor and outdoor 7 flower markets and hundreds of stores, has 5 million POTS of various colors and more than 1 million fresh cut flowers for citizens to choose and buy.If you want to go a little farther on, enjoy folk experience don’t miss the place of the plates (1) the first 2022 mulan lanterns temple fair culture: here are the sichuan zigong lantern craftsman group of elegant headlamp unit, 20 more length and 33 meters, 10 meters high in extremely good fortune lanterns, also introduced the wuqiao acrobatics, intangible performance such as performing arts programs.(2) Mulan Grassland fu Hu Spring Festival joy is not closed: here to set up a tent barbecue camping, kite flying parent-child interaction, small train tour of the grassland, 30+ fun hi play.(3) The village of cool and refreshing Village scenic area for the New Year: here can play zi ba, around the bonfire, guess lantern riddles, put river lights.Stay in Refreshing Village Resort hotel, soak in health hot spring, watch the sea of clouds and sunrise.(4) Yaojiashan Scenic spot for family fun: From February 6th to 9th, the winter camp of “Reliving the Taste of The New Year · Spring Festival Memory” will be held. We will take you to write Spring Festival couplets, paste paper-cuts, make dumplings, eat tangyuan, make lanterns and dance dragon lanterns.⑤ Fengwa ancient village New Year night shadow: there are dragon and lion dance, shadow play, walking on stilts, brand gongs and drums……Enjoy large local folk performances, watch the night tour of The third season of the night show in New Continent must come.Here you can learn horseback riding, free experience of the fun of manual zi ba, strawberry picking and other amusement projects.Here can see the traditional lion dance celebration, and the “god of wealth” garden interaction, but also taste guangdong sausage powder, flavor curry fish eggs and other various snacks.8 vanilla Eden Dream Sky light and shadow intersection: The dream Sky Art Museum here can see 3D paintings, art installations, light and shadow interaction, as well as wonderful dinosaur world projects.9. Wuhan Qugu Outdoor skiing area is interesting and exciting: it has just opened, with a total length of more than 100 meters of ski trails and snow circles, and a snow recreation space for parent-child interaction and leisure sports.Wind tunnel flying, a new sport launched during the Spring Festival, is a new sport that has become popular all over the world recently. You can experience the fun of skydiving and the feeling of flying.The fourth day of the first lunar month is tomorrow, and specially arranged hanfu garden tour and river lantern activities, let you be a costume drama in the “protagonist”.After years of efforts, the vision of “300 million people on ice and snow” has come true. The rapid development of ice and snow sports, ice and snow industry and related science and technology, management and infrastructure has injected new impetus and opened up new space for China’s high-quality development.It is expected that by the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the market size of China’s ice and snow industry is expected to exceed one trillion yuan.From stadium construction to epidemic prevention and sports broadcasting, China’s “hard technologies” are using the “cold resources” of the ice and snow economy to release “hot effects”, from which enterprises, consumers and investors can share the development dividends.In the New Year, look at the business opportunities brought by the policy trend, find your own track to cheer together, action is power!(source: Wuhan) More exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in major application markets.