Fujian Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau: strive to increase the annual growth rate of green financing by no less than 20% and increase the proportion of green financing by 2 percentage points

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, according to fujian province silver protects inspect bureau to further promote the sanming real deep green finance go, go, sustaining green financial development, fujian silver protects inspect bureau to guide the formulation of the green financial support sanming reach peak carbon, carbon neutral work plan (hereinafter referred to as the “scheme”), aims to build the system more perfect, mechanisms, more mature, more powerful green innovation new pattern of financial development,We will provide strong financial support for promoting green, low-carbon and high-quality development at local levels.The “Plan” proposes the implementation of “five promotion” projects to promote sanming green finance reform and innovation to a new level.First, we will increase total financing.To address issues such as a low share of total green financing and a lack of sustained growth momentum, we will increase total green financing by focusing on competitive industries, transforming driving forces, and realizing ecological value.Sanming based industry, ecological advantages, grasp the transformation and upgrading of old industrial bases such as an opportunity to increase the graphene four strategic emerging industries, such as Gao Youliang produced five advantages such as characteristic industry, equipment manufacturing and other 16 chain billions of credit investment, strengthen the energy-intensive companies such as steel technical reformation, industrial park of renewable green transformation, charging pile construction, such as financial support,We will accelerate the shift of credit resources to leisure tourism and forest health and conservation, and achieve a virtuous cycle of green finance with both quality and quantity.Second, the organization system upgrade project.Efforts will be made to improve the organizational system from the three aspects of green institutions, talent guarantee and full participation.In terms of institutions, the green bank practice of Sanming Rural Commercial Bank is promoted, and the legal person green bank system of “double benchmark and nine characteristics” is constructed.In terms of talents, we will promote the creation of a green financial talents system with “knowledge of both ecological knowledge and financial business” through external introduction and internal education.In terms of participation, the motivation to participate in green finance reform should be continuously enhanced, and the imbalance of hot and cold among green finance reform institutions should be changed to realize the transformation of the whole financial institution participation system from “a few outstanding” to “all outstanding”.Third, we will enhance innovation capacity.We will make innovations in models, products and services.In terms of modes, the government has innovated and developed “government reserve emission right pledge financing” mode, “climate investment and financing” mode, and “forestry carbon ticket credit enhancement” mode, so as to invigorate the “sleeping” assets of the government and forestry farmers.In terms of products, explore the establishment of “low-carbon credits” for enterprises and individuals, and bring carbon performance and carbon pricing into the credit management process;Expand “green ecological insurance” products, do a good job in the protection and utilization of ancient buildings, ancient blocks, industrial heritage;Try to innovate “environment-friendly small hydropower insurance” products to improve the ability to cope with disasters and climate change.In terms of services, we will accelerate the construction of “carbon neutral” outlets, and create innovative green financial comprehensive service systems such as “Lvying Courier Station” and “Funong (carbon neutral) Courier Station”.Fourth, the endogenous driving force to improve the project.Promote the banking institutions of the jurisdiction to give higher assessment weight, wider approval authority and more active employment mechanism to green finance business, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of all departments and employees to a greater extent.Fifth, we will enhance synergy through reform.Implement the four-party measures of “system co-construction, project co-promotion, information sharing and risk sharing”, strengthen coordination and linkage with local government departments such as industry and information technology, finance and ecological environment bureau, explore and develop “carbon credits” inquiry system and ecological product value accounting system.Docking follow up each batch local green enterprise and project, provincial key technological transformation projects, including whole county (district) distributed photovoltaic roof and sha county pilot project, each share of carbon emissions, carbon, carbon yield and carbon trading data information, such as push to establish a “green financial pool”, build “zheng Yin bao qi” push the green financial reform construction system.Next, silver protects inspect bureau will guide the sanming, fujian protects inspect bureau to strengthen supervision, to strengthen supervision guide, continuous monitoring progress towards green financial work, ensure that the plan fully ground work, strive to green all the year round financing growth is no less than 20%, accounted for 2% increased, to achieve carbon was at peak, carbon neutral, vision show financial strength.This article is from the financial community