Wu used to commit suicide before just understand, liang Shan real eldest brother is not Song Jiang, but this person

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As one of the four great classics of China, water Margin has its truth. The book shows the oppression and exploitation suffered by the ancient Chinese people in the dark society in the form of art, and at the same time reflects the tragedy of fighting against oppression and the ruling class.Who is the real boss of the 108 heroes in Liangshan?Among them, the third wisdom of the star Wu has been unable to understand, until before committing suicide to understand.Wu Yong, the wise man, was a military adviser in Liangshan. He had been the principal teacher of the local family, teaching the children in the village to read and write. He was dressed like a scholar, wearing a barron-like turban, a linen tunic, silk shoes and net socks, and had a fair face and a long beard.He could have entered the official career, he had participated in the imperial examination, and was about to be selected as the number one scholar by the examiner. However, the prime minister CAI Jing had a grudge against Wu Yong for not visiting and giving gifts. He deliberately found fault with Wu Yong, using the saying that Wu Yong was useless, and let Wu Yong fall from the list.In this way his official career has not begun to end, after he met a high person to learn zhou Yi and other strange strange art, later got acquainted with chao Gaye.And because “outwitted birth class” for kou.From the point of the whole article, 15 back to before is in said lu, Lin and others for the unfair society, here is the emphasis on individual idea, until the “outsmarted his birth”, is the first water margin heroes of collective action for the first time, isn’t it suggests headed by wu with this group of people began Liang Shanzhi brigade?Wu Yong’s role in Liangshan Moori is huge, first infuriated Lin Chong huo and Wang Lun, then broke zhujiazhuang, etc., are his ideas, so when Liangshan began to grow, he also successfully became the third chair, which is a point that 108 heroes in Liangshan have never questioned.Wu in turn provoke linchong heat Wang Lun this move, are actually seized in his classes before think it over, his choice is to find a backer life at that time, so he thought of the liangshan, but Wang Lun is a useless mind person, he must not become a leader of liangshan, just Lin’s emergence as he thought of the solution.Subsequently he got to know timely rain Song Jiang again, he saw song Jiang and chao Build gap, then decisive wall grass goes to Song Jiang side dump, to cater to Song Jiang, Wu gave all sorts of tricks again, give advice, let a few useful hero hero generation the heart of rebellion to the imperial court, oneself darling walk on Liang Shan.It is he assembled 108 heroes came to Liangshan, but also he mastered the right to speak, and the military planning of the time of peace and so on, it seems that the rise of Liangshan Po to decline Wu With the whole process is involved in, and Song Jiang and Lu Junyi two people for Wu with the degree of dependence has reached the limit, they can not lose the strategist.But at this time of Wu with not wake up, until Song Jiang was poisoned by high qiu he just really see the darkness of this society, eunuch power, if he fell into their hands again I am afraid will die without full corpse, simply commit suicide.Before committing suicide recall what he did, he suddenly found that he is the real boss of liang Shan Bo, no Wu, there is no Liang Shan Bo.Reference: Water Margin