The seventh press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control was held in Dezhou

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At 16:30 on March 16, dezhou Municipal Government Information Office held the seventh press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control. Wang Lei, Deputy secretary General of Dezhou Municipal Government, briefed dezhou on the latest progress of the epidemic.Wang Lei, deputy secretary general of Dezhou Municipal Government, and Tian Zhengyong, head of the traffic police detachment of Dezhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, answered reporters’ questions on social concerns.Two new local confirmed cases were reported in Dezhou, including one in Yucheng and one in Pingyuan County.Another asymptomatic patient was reported in Dezhou.The above new cases are all personnel in charge of centralized quarantine sites.Dezhou has 59 local confirmed cases, including 37 in Yucheng and 22 in Pingyuan county.There are now 4 asymptomatic cases in Yucheng.According to experts, the current yucheng, Pingyuan county epidemic overall controllable.According to Wang Lei, the main work in Dezhou city is: based on early detection, fast detection, and carry out nucleic acid testing.In order to effectively control the risk of the spread of the epidemic and ensure the safety and health of the general public, the city organized nucleic acid testing for all personnel in an orderly manner.Today yucheng has carried out a second round of nucleic acid testing, Pingyuan County completed the first round of nucleic acid testing, the results were negative.Other counties and cities are also organizing tests in an orderly manner.We will continue to provide more professional samplers, increase sampling sites, and increase testing volume to ensure that there are no blind spots and full coverage. Nucleic acid test results will be released to the public as soon as they are available.Based on the prevention of input, plugging loopholes, comprehensively strengthen the control of cold chain, non-cold chain and pharmacy.We will ensure that the first step of the “prevention of imported coronavirus” is strictly implemented, and firmly prevent the transmission of novel coronavirus products through imported cold-chain food and non-cold-chain goods.For the prevention and control of imported cold-chain food, special warehouses will be built in the whole region, centralized nucleic acid testing and preventive disinfection will be carried out, and strict screening and inspection will be carried out to ensure that all inspections are carried out.All epidemic prevention and control measures, including disinfection, nucleic acid testing, personal protection and garbage disposal, will be strictly implemented for non-cold-chain items.Strengthen supervision over pharmacies, give play to the role of pharmacies as “sentinel points”, strictly implement real-name registration of sales of “two watches and one test” and “four types of drugs”, and ensure people’s demand for drugs while doing a good job in epidemic prevention.We will strengthen the supply of epidemic prevention materials in an all-round way based on sufficient guarantee and smooth supply.We will combine physical storage with capacity building to fully support enterprises in speeding up production of epidemic prevention and control materials.A list of key suppliers has been established, and one-to-one liaison officers have been dispatched to the enterprises to coordinate and solve problems such as raw material supply, transportation guarantee and employment guarantee, so as to strengthen the connection between supply and demand of production and ensure the smooth operation of industrial and supply chains.Currently, dezhou 5 medical masks production enterprises, nissan 2 million pieces, 1 medical protective clothing manufacturers, nissan 2000 pieces of medical examination gloves manufacturers 1, nissan 20 million, medical protective mask, nissan 85000, 3 production enterprises of all kinds of shoppers can product nissan 2000 tons, can effectively meet the demand of epidemic prevention materials.We will establish fast lanes, strengthen transport support, and ensure that epidemic prevention materials are delivered, imported, and supplied.”For the next step, Dezhou will resolutely implement the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council as well as the requirements of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government for epidemic prevention and control. First, it should firmly guard the location and be strict and decisive. It should be separated as soon as possible and as soon as possible.Second, we will take solid steps to improve the prevention and control work in key areas, places and sites, carry out nucleic acid testing for all people in an active and orderly manner, expand the coverage of key groups covered by regular testing, and increase the frequency of testing.Third, we need to improve our capacity for nucleic acid testing, isolation facilities, medical treatment and medical supplies as soon as possible.Fourth, we will do our best to ensure stable prices and supply of daily necessities, and do our best to facilitate people’s medical needs.Fifth, we will pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities, take the initiative to fulfill the responsibilities of the four parties, strengthen guidance, assistance, supervision and inspection, and form joint efforts for joint management.We have firm confidence and determination to win the battle against the epidemic.”Wang lei said.Reporter: How did the postal administration in Dezhou city ensure epidemic prevention and safety? What measures did it take?Wang Lei, Deputy secretary General of Dezhou Municipal Government, said the postal administration should earnestly fulfill its supervision responsibilities, tighten up the main responsibility of enterprises, strengthen work measures, highlight key links, and promote the implementation of prevention and control work.First, we made solid plans for our work.The Municipal headquarters issued notices on epidemic prevention and control of express mail from Germany and medium-high risk areas in China to clarify the work requirements. Postal administrations at all levels strengthened epidemic prevention and control in industries according to the unified deployment of the command department, and strictly prevented the importation and spread of the epidemic.Second, we will do a solid job in “civil air defense” measures.Strengthen epidemic prevention and control education and training for employees, convey prevention and control requirements to every network and every employee, and effectively enhance awareness of epidemic prevention;Urge employees to strictly implement health protection measures such as “wearing masks”, “washing hands frequently”, “taking temperature” and “not gathering”;We will organize the “should be inspected” and “should be inspected” work, and conduct nucleic acid testing for all employees in accordance with regulations to ensure full coverage of vaccines and no omissions.Third, we will take solid physical defense measures.Strict elimination of the first pass, promote the processing center automatic spray equipment configuration full coverage, laide mail express comprehensive disinfection;We will strictly manage international express mail, earnestly implement relevant regulations and requirements, strictly set a 10-day shelving period, strengthen environmental sampling of external packaging, provide risk alerts to users, and strengthen prevention and control barriers for imported international express delivery.Fourth, we will take solid measures to protect the environment.Enterprises are urged to strictly fulfill their primary responsibility for epidemic prevention, implement epidemic prevention measures at processing centers, business outlets and other production sites, facilities and equipment, conscientiously organize disinfection and disinfection of sites, equipment and vehicles, strengthen control of ventilation and transportation in processing sites, and firmly carry out closed-loop management.Fifth, we did a solid job in oversight and inspection.We will strengthen supervision and inspection of enterprises’ prevention and control work, seriously investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations, and urge enterprises to strictly implement prevention and control measures as required.I would like to remind the general public to minimize mail order and express delivery of goods from overseas high-risk countries (regions).When receiving and opening the express mail, the provisions of “personal protection and disinfection treatment of the contents” should be strictly implemented, the dismantling should be carried out outdoors as far as possible, and the nucleic acid test should be conducted after receiving the international express mail.Question: It is very important to carry out epidemic prevention and control in a scientific and orderly manner in accordance with the law. What responsibilities should individuals shoulder in epidemic prevention and control?What measures have been taken against violations of the epidemic prevention and control regulations?According to Tian Zhengyong, head of the Traffic Police Detachment of the Dezhou Public Security Bureau, the Public security organs in Dezhou have taken the initiative, acted in accordance with orders, and had the courage to take responsibility. They have made every effort to trace the source of the epidemic, control social meetings, and investigate and crack down on epidemic cases, which effectively guaranteed the orderly development of epidemic prevention and the continued stability of the society.I would like to thank all the citizens for taking the overall situation into consideration, putting the present for the long-term, taking the initiative to implement various epidemic prevention measures and actively cooperating with various epidemic prevention work. This demonstrates the responsibility and responsibility of every Dezhou citizen, and also provides the strongest impetus for the public security organs to stick to the front line.Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility.Citizens should not only take good personal protection, but also have an objective and rational understanding of the current epidemic prevention policies, take the initiative to fulfill their obligations, and avoid legal consequences due to improper behavior and false statements.In the early stage of epidemic prevention, a few netizens made inappropriate comments and spread false information on the Internet.Individuals refused to implement the decisions and orders issued by the government during the epidemic and failed to implement epidemic prevention measures, disrupting public order.Recently, the public security authorities in Dezhou have dealt with 17 public security cases violating epidemic prevention regulations, and have given public security management punishment to 18 suspects.The public security organs call on citizens to consciously abide by laws and regulations, obey the decisions and orders issued by the government and its epidemic prevention departments, take the initiative to cooperate with epidemic prevention personnel, jointly maintain social and public order, market economic order and epidemic prevention and control order, and make personal contributions to winning the war against epidemic prevention and control.On March 13, dezhou city public security bureau issued “about on epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law to crack down on illegal and criminal behavior of circular, remind the general public friends: refused to carry out decisions and orders issued by the government during the period of the outbreak, according to the facts, not active, cooperate to carry out the disease prevention and control measures, not only for society, family and personal irresponsible behavior, but also serious violations.Concealing or falsely reporting information related to an epidemic during epidemic prevention;Refusing to accept the quarantine measures or leaving the quarantine measures without authorization before the quarantine period has expired;Disrupting the normal order of diagnosis and treatment or damaging the facilities of medical institutions;Committing fraud, extortion, illegal business operations, forced trading, or posing as a staff member of a state organ in the name of epidemic prevention and control;Price gouging, profiteering, manufacturing and selling counterfeit goods in an attempt to make “epidemic money”;The public security organs will punish illegal and criminal acts, such as fabricating rumors and making trouble, promptly and severely in accordance with the law, effectively protect the lives and health of the people, and make every effort to maintain the overall stability of public order during epidemic prevention and control.Flash news reporter Hsiu-cheng Cheng in Texas