Shanghai status quo: some people think that the owner is matched to obtain supplies, why supplies to the hand difference is very big

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Many cities are vigorously support Shanghai at present, many cities to # # Shanghai provides a variety of vegetables and pork, beef, fish and other daily supplies, the basic materials of life also soon be relevant personnel to the citizens, citizens also felt the warmth, but the process, there are many small episode, some people think that the owner is good material gain,Some people think that as long as the people who bought the house with access to supplies, but some people got the distribution of supplies, why the goods to hand difference is very big, the following xiaobian for everyone to introduce in detail.Some people think the owner is good for material supplies are around Shanghai city together to deliver donated, around Shanghai city hopes to help people survive, but now many people think that the owner of the house are eligible to get the donation to send supplies, according to users feedback, many owners get more supplies, don’t even give outsiders, whether or not this situation exists, of course,After all, this phenomenon is a minority, may be those who are so opportunistic, want to take advantage of cheap, just want to get such free things, only willing to their own can get on the line.But there are still a lot of people think, no matter where, no matter whether locally bought house, whether in the local drop off, as long as the body is in Shanghai, should enjoy such benefits, supplies not only supply the owner, supplies supply all Shanghai people, not only is the owner, and there are many foreigners in Shanghai,It is also the supply of those who need these materials to tide over the difficulties. Please straighten out the mentality of those few people, do not occupy many resources, let the resources out to the people in need, we should work together to tide over the difficulties now.Why the material is a big difference to Many feedback on the material difference is very big, the following is from changning district and pudong new district, yangpu district, jiading district, such as Internet information, in fact, now in each situation is different, the net friend to get supplies must be different, can’t be the same, but they are all element has a line, don’t compare,This comparison is meaningless, as long as you get it, as long as you feel the warmth given by other cities, as long as you feel the warmth given by relevant departments, that is enough.Changning district received by the goods received by the pudong supplies yangpu received by the jiading net friend received goods minhang received by the small make up epilogue hope supplies distribution, those who didn’t get a life supplies hope to get as soon as possible, in some people think the owner is good material gain, what, what do you think to get a material difference,Feel free to comment in the comments section. Let’s focus on the problems of living in a closed Shanghai.(Running Kinim uncle – original article, welcome everyone to comment, like friends can point attention, thank you)