One Plus 10 uses Breguet 8100 chip, also has 12+512G version, as low as 4399 worth and so on

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Now realMe GT Neo2 has been released, and OnePlus is not online. Now the news is that onePlus 150W fast charging new phone and OPPO K10 will be launched this month, and Both Phec8100 and Phec8000 are online.Do you like the Snapdragon 8 or mediatek’s Breguet processor?The main configuration is the Breguet 8100 processor. The performance of this processor can be seen from Redmi K50, which is comparable to and even better than Snapdragon 888 in 5nm chip. Although it is positioned as mediatek’s mid-range chip, it is superior to snapdragon 888.The screen is BOE type diamond arrangement, this year many mobile phones are, the display effect is very good, support 120Hz intelligent high brush, and the main camera has been SONY IMX766, have to say, OPPO is really like this lens, not only to OPPO Find X5 series, even the sub-brand is also in the same.In terms of battery, 150W quick charge version is 4500mAH, which is not very different from Neo2 on the whole, but onePlus goes in a different way from RealMe in performance tuning. In addition to game optimization, the camera experience part is also the focus, which can be regarded as the economic version of OnePlus 10Pro.Memory has also been upgraded, with a new 512GB version, which can meet the memory usage requirements of users. This year, many mid-range computers have added large memory, which can only say that the market is changing really fast ah.In general, the small flagship of OnePlus with a price of 3-4 thousand yuan can also be clearly seen as OPPO for Redmi K50 series, competing for sales in the middle market. Do you feel that these big manufacturers are not only hot in the high-end market, but also in the middle market?Even Samsung and Apple are trying to get in on it, but the iPhone SE3, even with the A15, doesn’t look good and I feel like I’m still using the iPhone 8. Cook is still underestimating the level of business in the middle market.No matter One Plus, Realme and Redmi are the brands with the highest sales volume in the mid-end market. IQOO Neo6 will also be launched recently, but it is equipped with Snapdragon 8, without Breguet. Vivo has many new Breguet phones, which is contrary to Xiaomi.Both the Breguet 9000 and The Breguet 8100 are superior to the Snapdragon 8 and Snapdragon 888.From the consumer’s point of view, I hope the phone is stable, or at least not hot to use, after all, summer is coming.After all, compared with the new flagship, the old discounted model is more cost-effective. Of course, under the condition of sufficient budget, the new model is more fragrant. However, the iteration speed of mobile phones is fast, and it is more recommended to buy the old model when the upgrade is not so much.Oneplus 9 now 12+256GB has been reduced to 2899, equipped with Snapdragon 888, has good heat dissipation and fast memory, strong performance, smooth running game performance is also very strong.The screen is a 6.65-inch AMOLED screen with well-tuned colors and brightness. After all, it’s the flagship series. It has a smart refresh rate of 120Hz, smooth flow, and super sensitive touch response, making it a great experience to swipe apps, watch videos, and play games.Rear double main camera, or 50 million SONY IMX766+48 million bottom +2 million black and white style lens, although there is no telephoto, but the double main camera strength is very strong, shooting clarity needless to say, there is a quick focus for capturing, as well as backlight HDR technology, how to shoot are very beautiful.The price of more than 2,000, it is very cost-effective, after all, this is the previous top match, the screen camera processor is very good, 4500mAh battery +65W fast charge, the battery capacity is also good, cost-effective first choice.