More than 100 Tibetan students enjoy “Changsha New Year” on New Year’s Eve

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Huasheng Online February 1 news (correspondent Chen Aifang) Changsha City Wangcheng district, sleet, temperature only 3 degrees Celsius, few pedestrians on the road.And the big fellow craftsmen sand painting and calligraphy and painting academy classroom, but nice and warm, when the New Year’s eve, 3378 kilometers away from home, gilardino, Jane and more than 100 Tibetan students, are respectively with a carving knife, and board pictures, to loved ones warmest thoughts and best wishes to dissolve into a future in a row, the students “immature” pettifoggery line and lovely “intermediate goods”,There were bursts of laughter.On January 31, in response to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, The Tibetan students of Wangcheng No.1 Middle School “Celebrated the Spring Festival on the spot”. In order to enrich the students’ lives and deepen the “Sino-Tibetan friendship”, the hospitable Hunan people invited the “little guests” to participate in the New Year’s Eve research camp of the Dahan Research Base.Make dough figurines, pour sugar paintings, carve wooden New Year pictures, visit model workers’ houses, guess lantern riddles, cut window flowers, write Spring Festival couplets, throw POTS with rites and music, make dumplings, and experience the thick flavor of traditional Chinese New Year customs through fun and education.Students in the Sino-Tibetan New Year’s Eve research camp are making sugar paintings in a harmonious atmosphere.Big fellow craftsmen sand painting and calligraphy and painting academy classroom, male and female students in groups of seven or eight, and sit down at the table of the transparent plastic box on the desk, containing a variety of tools, materials, one side is they made their own “sugar painting” works in the morning, when the children or in selecting board pictures design or has started a carving wood, a dash on the big table in the last row of the classroom,Students are trying to “paint” and “roll” molds and boards. The atmosphere is very lively.”Tibet is not as backward as everyone thought, and it is getting better and better. With the help of the government, all the children have access to books, so that they can find jobs when they graduate.”Dressed in a white down jacket, she wore black-rimmed glasses and a shy smile.The 18-year-old lives in Kadong Village, Longkazi County, Shannan City, Xizang Province, a two-day drive from Changsha.His parents in his hometown made handmade noodles and raised hundreds of sheep, making life more and more prosperous.Ms. Dragajan’s brother is a university student in Beijing and will graduate next year.Most of her classmates who went to primary school with her have gone to high school. This year, the school was rebuilt, and its classrooms are all equipped with electronic screens, with teaching facilities beyond those in coastal areas.She was in Class 479 of Wangcheng No.1 Middle School, a “substitute training class”. Most of the students came from rural areas of Xizang province. When they first entered the school, they did not adapt to the language environment, but han students and teachers took special care of them, feeling the “warmth” of different cultures, and slowly adapted to the new environment.Although thousands of miles away from home, but now the development of communication technology, when homesick, she will video call her parents “talk” and “act in pettish”.In order to make their “foreign” students live “more fulfilling”, the school often organizes colorful outdoor visits and practice activities, and “travel thousands of miles” when “reading thousands of books”, rather than becoming “bookworms” and “examination machines”.”I hope my family is safe and my classmates can get into a good university.”As for the future, She decided to work out for a few years after graduating from college and become a better version of herself before returning to her hometown.Young students who dream of developing the west cut paper-cuts to welcome the New Year.”I want to enter Tongji University in Shanghai, so that I can go home and participate in the development of western China. This is our responsibility.”Compared with the implicative dragjane, the same as wang Cheng one middle school students Dan really Wang Dan, “little man” language is more “outgoing”.Dan really wang Dan has come to Changsha for three years, is a senior three graduating class of students, who lives in Lhasa, his family is doing handmade carpet business, a year also more than one hundred thousand income.There are large supermarkets for shopping in the urban area, students from kindergarten to high school need not worry about obtaining a degree, and all kinds of entertainment facilities are well equipped, which are not bad compared with many cities. Now the third ring Road of Lhasa has been completed, which makes him sigh at the rapid changes of the city.His cousin has been admitted to the Ocean University of China, and his cousin went back to his hometown after graduating from college the year before last and became a primary school teacher, earning more than 10,000 yuan and living in peace and contentment.Because of its “table aunt” engaged in medical work, grandmother is also learning nursing, from childhood, he later determined to “clinical medicine”, will work back and forth home, respond to the country’s western development call.During the period of studying in Changsha, the local government of Hunan gave Danzhenwangdan “care”, not only free tuition and accommodation fees for all Tibetan students, but also 500 yuan per month for living expenses.Han students in the class often bring him food at home. This time, because of the mid-term exam, the ranking of the whole grade has increased by more than 30. The Chinese teacher of the school even bought him milk tea to “reward” him.In this tense and warm learning and living environment, let him feel the “Chinese family”.”I can’t go back home, but I can learn a lot from this warm and lively school.”For the review of the three years of learning in Hunan, Dan really Wang Dan feel that their ability to take care of themselves in life, human life and other aspects of considerable growth.”Han Tibetan family” Hunan in action “Han Tibetan love” story, the future will continue to be staged in Xiaoxiang land.”We need to do our best to take care of our children’s habits, but also to give them the greatest warmth through entertainment.”Executive director of the big fellow international craftsmen court Liu Shuquan introduction, they arranged to knead dough figurine, pour sugar painting, carved wood engravings, guess lantern riddles, cut grilles, music and ruby, make dumplings and other activities, the children in the learning experience of traditional customs in thick festival atmosphere, and let the children to visit labor model, spread spirit power, eat dinner together, watch shows and watch the gala, fireworks,Let the children have “the feeling of home”, reduce the homesickness of students in foreign land.It is reported that wangcheng District No. 1 Middle School currently has 223 Students from Tibet, including 105 students from Shannan substitute training class.In the 20 years since the establishment of the class, a total of 800 students from Tibet have been enrolled, and 538 students have graduated from 17 classes. All of them are enrolled in colleges and universities for further study, with an enrollment rate of 92.1%.It is reported that Hunan began to provide assistance to Shannan region of Tibet in 1995. Changsha, Zhuzhou, Yueyang and Changde cities have provided assistance to Gongga, Zhaanang, Sangri and Longzi counties respectively. The “Tibetan student class” in Wangcheng No.1 Middle School is one of the projects.The story of “Han and Tibetan love” will continue to unfold in Xiaoxiang in the future.Source: Dahan Group