Linghe branch Lingan police station: with the fire “dream linkage” properly handle the “fire” police situation

2022-05-27 0 By

At 17:00 on February 16, 2022, Ling ‘an Police Station received help from street staff, who said they found a house billowing smoke when visiting, suspected of a fire, Ling ‘an police station police and firefighters immediately rushed to the scene.After arriving at the scene, the police immediately evacuated the scene onlookers, considering the critical situation, the police took decisive measures, quickly took people to close the building gas main valve, and issued a fire danger signal.After entering the scene, the police found that no one was at home, and the smoke billowed in the house. The smoke point was the kitchen, and there was food cooked in the pot on the gas stove, so they immediately closed the indoor gas valve.Fortunately, no one was hurt, in addition to the pot can not use in addition to the family’s “children” were also smoked tears.Soon, the master hurried home.When li was cooking at home, she forgot to turn off the gas and went out for a walk. She thought she would come back soon, but she met some acquaintances on the way and chatted with them for a while.Fortunately, the police found timely, decisive measures to avoid the danger.Police tip: before going out, please be sure to check the gas and pipe gas valve switch, do not place flammable items next to the cooker.Gas cooking oil stains, stains should be often clean, so as not to accumulate for a long time, cause fire, safety without trifles, prevention!