Lanzhou housing provident fund withdrawal began to implement a new policy

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The original title:Lanzhou extraction of housing accumulation fund began to implement the new policy network – on February 14, in gansu province in China (gansu, gansu province, gansu economic daily reported economic daily reporter ming-juan li) in order to further implement the reform of “pipes”, actively cooperate with to resolve on the state-owned land sold town residential “registration” problem left over by history, with all its strength reserve service item “across the province to do”,On February 11, Lanzhou implemented a new policy on the withdrawal of housing provident fund.It is understood that Lanzhou Housing provident fund management center in accordance with the relevant provisions to simplify part of the extraction of business application materials.Has obtained the “real estate right certificate” to apply for the extraction of housing accumulation fund, the application materials are: identification materials, has obtained the “real estate right certificate” and tax bills, purchased housing in the extraction of the name of the employee’s spouse, must provide spouse id card, marriage certificate.If the tax bill cannot be provided because of tax exemption, the deposited staff can issue tax exemption proof materials and the payment voucher of the house in full.At the same time, it will simplify the business application materials for “buying a house in different places” and “repaying a housing loan for self-living in different places”, and will no longer require employees to provide “the household registration certificate of the employee or his/her spouse in the place where the house is located in different places, the housing accumulation fund deposit certificate and the certification certificate of the actual place of work”.When depositing employees to handle withdrawal business, they will no longer fill in the Withdrawal Application form, but only fill in the Letter of Commitment for Withdrawal Business.Capture puts worker extraction housing accumulation fund, deal with in principle by oneself.If it is necessary to do the extraction on behalf of the agent for special reasons, the following requirements shall be provided at the same time: the original identification materials of the agent, and the power of attorney notarized by both the client and the principal.Because the worker dies or be declared when death circumstance is extracted, extract agent person still presses relevant regulation to fill make “extract application form” offer relevant data to deal with.