Keep shrinking!Is the market bottoming out?A good thing or a bad thing?

2022-05-27 0 By

The end of the morning market, A shares fell back, small rise but is not happy, give A person speechless, let’s look at the market performance: index: Shanghai narrow range shock is still above 3200 points, the gap has been filled, from the former low 3023 points space about 6%.The process of exploring the bottom of the market will not necessarily fall, as long as it is in the early low above the shock, can be considered as a normal bottom trend.Gem high fall, 2600 points around the continuous shrinkage.The mood gradually cool down is actually a good thing, looking back at the bottom of the history of metropolitan quantity can shrink obviously, if there is a small entity K line in the near future, can be used as a chance to cast.Face gem unfavorable panic, opportunity is greater than risk.In terms of capital: the net outflow of foreign capital exceeded 2 billion yuan. Yesterday it was praised for bucking the trend of inflow.Can’t help it up!A shares of the future sentiment warming, the need for northbound continuous inflows to help.The turnover of the two cities continues to shrink, the amount is expected to be only about 800 billion, step by step to the freezing point, from the point of view of the one-day rise, some weakness, from the point of view of the bottom, as long as the volume falls, the narrow shock of contraction is not a bad thing.Plate: military high fall, the rise narrowed to 2%, today there is basically no space to do the problem, ease of holding.(Wells Fargo China Securities Industrial Index (LOF)A) medical, new energy vehicles rose less than 1%, mainly in the short term, as long as not significantly new low, other ZA also do not expect much.(A) Baijiu rose slightly. Moutai’s performance was released, and the data were ok. Baijiu did not hit A new low again.(China Merchants Liquor index (LOF)A) chip electronic lead, I may consider buying A little electronics, chip even.(Tianhong China Securities Electronic ETF link A) today is expected to reduce A little base, nasdaq rose more than 1% last night, great, my base also turned A profit, first buy, and then continue to invest.(Harvest U.S. Growth Stock (QDII)) Battle over in the morning, we take a break, have a meal let’s prepare for the second half!